13 January 2010

Posing On the Double C's

Adorned in the luxe accessories that are classic Chanel and Lagerfeld - and jazzed up with a personal touch of netted stockings, garter belts and pasties- burlesque performer, Miss Dirty Martini, wowwed the camera while posing in the extragantly lush home of the legendary Coco Rue Cambon.  Alongside her in the shoot is Jane Schmitt, a Coco Chanel look-alike, who has appeared in a Karl Lagerfeld short film.   The invitation from V Magazine to pose for the highly anticipated 'size issue', has Karl Lagerfeld back peddling on his (reported) position about 'plus size' models. On our way to stomping out the self-loathing? or is this just another trend? {pic via here::special thanx}

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