23 November 2010


Every home has at least one space that is challenging to style.   Yes. Closets, office space and 'that man cave' space
below are definite head scratchers that send you to your design 'inspiration' board.

One other style challenger?  That great open space...right there in the....corner. 

Corners afford the opportunity to really show your friends your design savvy!  The small, sleek space demands that; in order to pull off a great look, you have to pull out all of the stops. 

I found these ingenious space designs meant exclusively for that 'hard to style' nook in your space. 

I Hope that they inspire you....



Anonymous said...

Oh! I completely am in love with #1 and #4. I might have to convince My-Boy to make me a frame like #1. :)

{S.T.U.F.F.} said...

A Redhead Named Sam,

Hey Sam! Good to see you again.

those are two of my favorites, too. They scream 'look at me!'