17 February 2011

Theme Thursday ..... Street Artist!!

the artists of these fabulous renditions of street art are some of the best 'street artists' around.  what is most amazing is that some of these artists who have no formal 'art school' education. 

I, for one, am pleased that this 'small' credential has not stop them from showcasing their immense talent.
without further ado,
                                13 Urban Renditions by 13 Street Artists

AMAZING! don't you think?
maybe this and others' thursday thirteens will inspire you to give it a whirl. 
if you try your hand at it, remember to come back and leave me the info so that i can come check it out.


Alice Audrey said...

Wow, that's a lot of really good art work. I especially like the fish.

Janet said...

wow, those were great! I think my favorite was the first one...not sure why.

Anonymous said...

I do not live where such art exists. If I did, I'm sure the urban experience (which does not otherwise attract me) would be considerably enhanced.

Beautiful. Thanks.

Made in Jersey said...

love this. street art is beautiful, and yes there are many, many talented artists out there with no formal education decorating the streets. it's amazing really.

Doria said...


alphawoman said...

This was fabulous! Thank you. Are these from where you live?

Anonymous said...

I like these - thank you for finding & sharing!!!