26 December 2008

And now for the Encore...

AKA...After Christmas Sales...{YUMMY*}

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...The holiday went off without a hitch and now it's time for the real shopping {and gifting} to begin. Hope that you were gifted all that you desired {or at least most}...

** for the little people in my world, these will work just fine. Besides they are so cute;)

**And now for a few of my favorite things::

*ooh the memories of youth, I'll try them again...but I must admit that these are more reasonable...but these much more 'cool'
* these luscious little
with warm milk = more of this

* * gumball memories...I must agree, they always make me smile:) but so does flying high ** found this great new on-line place to spend some cash...
** I am luvin' the warmth of this room...and will gladly accept any room that had resemblance to these {just pick one}...

** I wish that I had found this great lace before the holiday...how pretty

** I {heart} Sex + The City...left up to me, it would have never ended. So it's off to the NYC for the great bus tour...me likey...

** The first day that I am snowed in {which by all meteorological prognostications...I've been dying to write that;) } will be soon, I must try this scrumptuolosity!!

**a must have the little people (non-stop thinking of them)

** I found this wonderful article that has helped with the planning of my next fabulous party

...I'm glad that I am not here or here,...but I'm close enough...burrrrrr

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