04 June 2009

Thursday Thirteen

WEEK 22::

found this wonderful list of 10 things that you should do everyday. Don't know who the author is, but it seems that he jotted this simple but wholesome 'to-do' list during the course of reading an interview. I'm also not sure if he actually mailed to 'Keri Smith', but I am glad that he decided to cyber-share this wonderful list.

...Oh yeah...I added three more of my own. I just hope that they are as poignant and worthy as his...

11. laugh at yourself {after all, it's not that serious}
12. laught at someone else {because they are that humerous}
13. say your prayer

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Caravan Trading Group said...

Now that's a nice list!

AD said...

ahhhh this was fun read :)

I have two attempts to it :D