05 February 2010

She's Gotta Have This!

{buy it here::special thanx}

I have {very, very soon} three {important} birthdays, fastly appoaching.  One of these special days belongs to my granddaughter- Beautiful, who will be three years old.  For the last three to four months, {yes, long before Christmas} I've been on the hunt for 'the perfect' birthday gift. 

Enter...this awesome vintage peddle car!  The result {successful, I will add} of my daily blog stroll.  This awesome find fits my self-imposed criteria for 'Grandchildren Gifts'.  Gifts must fit, at least one of the following criteria {there are many more but I don't want to bore you} :: something educational, requires no minimal 'game cartridge' purchases, must involve some gross motor movement involvement since physical education has been taken out of the public school curriculum, must be developmentally educational.   

The metal accountrements- how can you not love that hood ornament?- and the silver paint gives it the classic vintage car look, while the pretty pink colour understatedly says...I am girl!

Nothing like a great find, wouldn't you agree?  What have you found lately?


Household 6 said...

I want this. And I'm like... 30+ somethingish!

{S.T.U.F.F.} said...

Household 6,

oh, but to be a kid again!

and this little {luv}-ly relies solely on pedal power!