08 March 2011

Happy Pancake Day!

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i've been so wrapped up with Mardi Gras that I almost forgot that tomorrow is Pancake Day!
although when i crave pancakes, they are usually the good ol' fashion quarter inch thick buttermilk pancakes.
imagine this.
golden coloured, quarter inch thick, fluffy buttermilk beauties stacked three high.....yummmmmm-my
every now and then i stray from these mouthwatering breakfast treats. 
yes.  there is that occasional time when the palette craves those delicious flapjacks.
 infused with fruit. 
when the yearning hits, i dig out this amazing blueberry pancake recipe, that is absolutely to die for!

you should try it.
and then.
tell me what you think 

1 comment:

Doria said...

Mmmmm makes me want some crepes. Yes, Im more of a crepe girl. The funny face pancakes at Ihop are fun to look at though :)