10 March 2011

Thursday Thirteen.....13 Aerial Shoots of Random Stadiums

Mackay Stadium - Nevada

Memorial Stadium - Minnesota

Neyland Stadium - Tennessee

Bank of America Stadium - Charlotte, North Carolina

PITT Stadium - Pittsburgh

Sun Life Stadium - Miami, Florida

Kenan Stadium - North Carolina

Estadio de Maracana - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cape Town stadium, South Africa

Estadio Cicero Pompeu De Toledo - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Three Rivers Stadium - Pittsburgh

Shea Stadium 1986 World Series

Duke vs UNC @ Duke Stadium 1943

 i just luv sitting in a great stadium, sporting the persona of a crazed hometown fan concerned more about the wares of the circulating food vendors than the activity on the field. 

and then i, momentary, recall that i am suppose to be engaging in is watching the season's sporting event....
thank goodness it's momentarily

...where's that man with the nachos?


Anonymous said...

These kinda places have always sort of freaked / grossed me out, but from the eagle-eye view, many are surprisingly beautiful. Thanks for the attitude adjustment.

Alice Audrey said...

I wonder what people will think of all these stadiums a thousand years from now.

- Alice

Brenda ND said...

Wow. Pretty impressive. Thanks for sharing.