19 November 2008

You don't understand... I don't cook

My most recent charge/challenge is to contribute homemade baked goods to the upcoming Women's Auxillary Bake Sale. Here's the thing...'I don't cook'! So, needless say, baking was a {great} challenge for me. But with much encouragement from loved ones I started on this confectionery trek. Now, I must confess that the dough is not home made- {that's my next challenge/goal}- but a 'fundraiser' purchase from a colleague. In true personal style, I set out optimistic and hopeful about producing "the world's greatest chocolate chip cookies"! The optimism spilled over into the exciting notion of producing custom labels for my new found project.
And so, without further ado... the pictures of the {bagged} finished product !

[Side note:: I was so excited about the simple but beautiful pink bags & the {da ta!} - custom labels, not to mention, my actual success at completing the task at hand, that I completely forget to take before/after pics of the process and the cookies!! ...{I said that I do not cook :D}].


It's A Jaime Thing said...

Those are toooo sweet! I don't cook either, so cookies always save the day for me too...ha ha. Love this blog of yours, thanks for adding my link, I'll be adding yours shortly too...

-Jaime ;)

My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...

You are too kind:).
The cookies...they were delish;)

Albert said...

I love these. I would like to make them in lilac colour. I would however like to use your labels. Do you still have the graphics or know where I can find them?