05 November 2008

Thank You Mr. Moonie !!

More of 'Life's List'...

* Read one new book a month
* Drink a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby
* Take a photography for beginners course
* Volunteer at the Summer Olympic Games
* See Napa from a hot-air balloon
* Get a personal chef
* Give myself a non-surprise Birthday Party!
* Learn to tango... in Buenos Aires
* Paraglide
* Cruise the Pacific Coast Highway...in a convertible
* See the NFL draft...live
* Have the perfect handbag for every occasion
* Prepare the perfect eggplant parmagiana...{again}
* Play the Old Course at St. Andrews
* Take my ultimate adventure vacation
* Kiss the Blarney Stone
* Get a spa treatment that requires a team
* Do Fashion Week
* Take a steamboat cruise down the Mississippi
* Tour MoMa with a personal guide
* Golf with monogrammed balls
* See the department store windows at Manhatten...at Christmas time
* Do the Grand Tour
* Watch the Indy 500 from the infield
* See a movie premiere
* Take a coaster ride at the Mall of America
* Attend a major film festival
* Learn how to quill
**Do everything on my 'Life's List of Things To Do' ...eventually

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