12 January 2009

{Things} to do while I'm Alive...aka...Not quite the {Resolution} list..

{Enlarge pic}
{photo via BoneheadStudio::special thanx}

Isn't this picture amazing! I stumbled upon it blog strolling...of course. You know, you really do find the most amazing finds where you least expect & when you've stopped to smell the flowers. 'Mr Moonie' has been able to do what no other {at least up to this post} has been able to do---motivate me to construct that all-expected 'resolution' list. And so, I acquiese! but I am not going to call it an official 'resolution' list because the "to-do's' do not go away with year's end. How about this title?: 'Close to 100 things to do while I'm Alive'. One hundred things huh?...well I better get started...
* Visit as many countries as years that I have lived
* Go to the Super Bowl {at least one}
* See a Broadway show, front-row center
* Eat dinner prepared by a world-class chef
* Straddle the international dateline
* Stay at a five-star hotel and upgrade my room
* Send myself flowers {dahlia and/or hydrangeas} happy B-day to me!!
* Have Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues
* Renovate my home Office
* Go to a Shakespeare festival
* Visit all fify states
* Have an out-of-body experience
* Read the classics...all of them
* Explore the Seychelles
* Ride a cable car in San Francisco
* Ride the incline in Pittsburgh, Pa {again}
* Do a wine tour of Italy
* Learn to Surf
* Learn Sign Language
* Fill up my passport
* Shop on Rodeo Drive
* Drive the autobahn
* Complete a half marathon
* See the changing of the guard
* Ride a train across the United States
....not bad for a start. Read more .... {Feel free to e-mail suggestions}.


High Desert Diva said...

Lots on there I'd like to do too...

My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...

High Desert Diva,
Lots! + Lots! + Lots!...
...good thing that I've got all life to do them:D

I'll keep you posted..

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

I like your list. Those were some great things to do, I might have to steal a few.

I lurk too but I like how you call it blog strollin'!

My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...

Hey Amy Amy Bo Bamey,

Isn't blog strolling fun?!...stroll on:D
The list...take some, add some:D

K. said...

Thanks for following Citizen K.!

My mother was from Pittsburgh (Blawnox). Riding the incline was a thrill whenever we visited my grandparents.

I haven't sat front row center for a Broadway show, but last fall I did sit front row center balcony for the revival of South Pacific. That's a wonderful vantage point, especially for a musical.

My father was stationed on Governor's Island around 1950, when he was in the army. Dad was really excited about it at the time because it meant that he could go into Manhattan for the shows. At the time, the least expensive ticket was $1.20. He told me that he was so naive that he never did figure out until much later why he always wound up on the last row of the balcony.

My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...

Hello K,

{LUV} spending on your blog. The ambiance is smooth and the reading is easy:D

...ah-h-h yes, the Duquesne Incline...what a marvelous view of the city from there. And standing atop Mt Washington isn't bad either:D
...South Pacific...front row-center balcony...that's nothing to sneeze at:D
Thanx for stopping by, and please do 'keep coming back'