09 January 2009

{Enroute} to... Today

{photo::special thanx}
** One day I'll find just the right shade of red...
** These two are in it for the long haul...
** I wonder why Carrie didn't like it in Paris...they have such great style.
** ...But of course it's not New York.
** I'm bracing for the weekend weather. The prediction is sleet & rain...great reason to pick up a few of her great movies...
** Looking for a new 'do'...definitely can't go to work with this coif...
** This guy has 10 things that he wants gone in 2009...should we start a list?
** When it comes to teamwork, these two will make you green with envy.
** I'm a believer of shameless self-promotion...if you don't toot your own horn... {well, you know the rest...}


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