04 January 2009

My New Date...

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I must confession! Here it is... I am completely and utterly obsessed with calendars!! Yes, calendars. Not every calendar that comes along, but there are definitely a few that become all consuming the moment that I am in their {see...they even take on a human quality:D} presence.
Despite the convenience and read availability of on-line calendar, the very functional Outlook calendar - ala Microsoft and/or the text ready blackberry model, I get the ultimate adrenaline rush walking into the calendar section of the bookstore or visiting -{for hours} -the mall kiosk designated just for the purchase of these desiring.
My calendar obsession doesn't stop at the purchase of one...oh-h-h no-o-o, my appetite for these date holding gems is satisfied only after the purchase of at least four-yes four.
There's one or two for the wall. One annual must have is the newest photos of Beverly Feldman's absolutely breath-taking , jewel-encrusted foot jewelry {aka- shoes}. The second wall calendar is much more subdued:read..functional. The remaining two are usually some colorful leather bound briefcase size planner.
Above is the newest book of dates that I have added to my collection. With its sassy billing as "...saucy bits of Bad Girl History, plus all the favorites-Official Bad Girl Holidays, Snip 'N' Saves and Party Pointers..." This hip and funny calendar, by Cameron Tuttle features a host of witty advice with more than a peppering of Girl Power 'To-Do' lists.
Bad Girl Rage-a-Day calendar promises to deliver...I'll keep you posted*


High Desert Diva said...

Jinx on the calendar post!

My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...

Isn't it crazy...:-)

...stay tuned for the first BAD GIRL installment