06 January 2009

Bob & Jackie's Two Minute Drill...

{read the interview}

Remember this cute little number? Well it seems that everyone is getting on the video bandwagon. Jackie Bange and Robert Jordan have developed this great self-choreographed number that they perform right at their anchor desk! ...but not on air...until now. You see, they perform this two minute plus routine during their first commercial break at Chicago's WGN newroom where they serve up the weekend news. The routine has taken on a life of its own with both anchor personel lending their creative juices toward its development. They came up with the routine to break up the tension that results after the news' first 'grit and grime' stories that grab the attention of the viewing audience. Some of the moves have significance to them such as the Moe-like poking that starts the number off. Read the fun + informative interview, only after viewing the clip {it's 2:45mins, but well worth every single minute}, to get a full appreciation for the duels team building antics. It makes me jealous...I wish that my coworkers were this fun!!

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