16 January 2009

{Enroute} ...to Today

{photo via Babeffe::special thanx}

** Truly amazing things do happen...when you stop to smell the roses...
** I've always wondered what other people do with their extra money...
** Remember when dolls weren't complicated?
** Self-description::photography,autobiography + metaphor.
** Sometimes it's good to find all of your self-help info in one place...at least, it cuts
down on the driving.
** This mower kicks grass.
** Now I'm not much of a burger eater, but if I were...this would be a difficult decision.
** Having a difficult time finding a date? Maybe your'e in the wrong city.
** Mike + Juliet in the morning...I definitely tune in. It sure beats the abysmal line-up of
'court' shows!!!
** Would you leave your Grandmother a note like this?
** I'm not sure if she can pimp my ride...
** When we will cross the finish line for this race?
That's it for now...ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND


High Desert Diva said...

You find the funniest photos.

My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...

High Desert Diva,

Thanx for the compliment.

Isn't this Mother-Daughter trio fantastic!!
You gotta {LUV} them:D