24 November 2008

You'll {Heart} them...Guaranteed

I just got some great news !!! I have trying -for one hundred gadzillion months ;)- to get a very dear co-worker of my to start a blog. You see, whenever I come to work, she has some fun and humorous 'Mommy Story' to tell me. The subject is usually one of the many characters of her very close knit family. It's either her "Just because I'm grown-who said I need to act it" newly wedded husband, Scott, or her drop dead gorgeous-"you're going to need to beat them off with a stick"- daughter, or any number of her equally as funny relatives. One of the great things about these daily anecdotals is that they are accompanied by pictures {aka - evidence} of the endless romping and frolicking! Although she has a blog on My Space , I've been telling her that it can't possibly as rewarding as this. Well, finally her blog is up and running and I am eager for everyone to tune and share the laughs, antics and great stories that are the story of her life! And just so that I don't miss a post, she is listed on the S.T.U.F.F. that Inspires me...
You'll {heart} them ...guaranteed!!!

The Beautiful Ariella

April-{where Ariella gets her beauty}

Scott & April...made in Heaven



You are so SWEET! I {heart} your Enthusiasm,Flare, and your willingness to teach me! Thank you!

PS... Was Craigann watchin??? LOL :o}

My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...

I'm looking forward to some great posts from you !!!

PSS...do we care???:D