22 January 2011

... I'd Like to Thank....

  Another BlogAward!

Yeh!  Yippee!  Three Rounds of Cheers!

My favorite Redhead, Sam

has bestowed upon my blog THE LIFE IS GOOD AWARD!

Thanx Millions Sam!  Over in her space in bloggyland, Redhead Named Sam blogs about "...A small place for small thoughts to be shared with my fabulous Co-Conspirators." 

Her blog is funny, refreshing and as transparent as one can get in the blogosphere!  {isn't this is why we do it?}  She  had me at  her cloak & dagger post!

Two words!....INGENIOUSLY HILARIOUS! *two snaps & a head roll*

....don't stop there!  Check out her Bucket List... a complete and utter 'bwahahahaha!'

Totally luvin' her blog!

thanx for living inside of my head with me, judgement free!  Keep coming back!

1 comment:

Doria said...

congrats! *high fives*