13 March 2009

Enroute to....Today

{photo credit::special thanx}

~~ What?! Arizona does not Spring forward?

~~ Cuff '
em, Dano...

~~ Light, agile, graceful, beautiful and disturbingly
fast. But at this price?

~~ I didn't think that a
meal existed with more sodium content than an extra-large, meat lovers pizza with extra anchovies...

~~ California's hero just might be in the pot...

~~ This little number is mouthwatering haute!

~~ This is just a bad idea...

~~ "Dreaming of a European tour? Try NYC instead"

~~ Is Cosmopolitan's bachelor's edition the answer to this long-standing read?

~~ This is, without a doubt, career suicide.

~~ A {luvly} Vancouver studio...

Your weekend...ENJOY!!!

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