19 March 2009

...And the Award goes to...

My new BBF who resides over at Havenwood has awarded me with, not one, but two! blog awards. Now, I've seen these two awards around on my many 'blog strolls' and have stopped in to visit and even follow the recipients of these gracious awards- Havenwood being one of them. I am humbled and grateful for being chosen as an awardee.

{Profile picture from Havenwood}

The first award is the Sister Hood Award, created by Diane Rambles that recognizes blogs with an attitude of gratitude. Yep! That would be me!

and this second award is an award for bloggers who reach out to other bloggers in friendship and support. This has definitely been one of my blogging missions.
Like so many of these awards, it comes with a few rules...like the nomination of ten people, a link to the nominating blog spot , along with links to the nominated blog spots. Last, but not least, one must visit the new nominees, to inform them that they have been nominated. Whew! I think that these awards are a great way to discover & befriend new blogs and I have always been excited about visiting the sites of other awardees. My problem is that, there are far more than ten blogs that I find S{imply} T{remendous} U{nderstately} F{abulous} F{inds}. So, to make certain that I do not leave anyone out, I direct you to my list of :: '{S.T.U.F.F.} that Inspires Me' and to my list of Followers. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and start anywhere your heart desires. They are all WINNERS!!


Mrs Cooper said...

Congratultions on your awards. Haave a great weekend.

My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...

Mrs Cooper,

Thanks and Enjoy this first Spring weekend...regardless of the temperature.