11 October 2010

Dead *Ringers

this bit of lusciousness literally leaves a lasting impression.  The magic happens with the inner engraving so cleverly hidden...until the ring comes off

*Whimsical*  That's my take on this unforgettably playful 'jewel'.  All fun and play, this 'erasering' makes any mistake welcome!...
No commitment needed

Not to worry, the children have not been forgotten.  These cute little ditties are wearable art instruments for the artist in your child.  Beautiful on the pinky, for certain. 

The secret is in the function.  These beauties are crayons! Yes, crayons!  Collect one or all {for the daring in you} of the amazing colors {they are kid friendly and safe}.

Just add paper*

{get them here::special thanx}

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