21 October 2010

Theme Thursday


I am soooo  'ing this week's Thursday ThemeIt takes me way back to a time when my parents paid for all of my worldly indulges  when the living was easier.  And for me, I lived then, as I still do know, constantly swooning over unique and be-yoooo-tiful footwear.  The more avante garde, the more swoon-worthy! 

And this fits into this theme of 'Wheels' becuzzzz....?

So. Here's the fit. 

In my neck of the woods {and I am sure, in many other necks} shoes were cherished for there functionality. But ultimately for their 'wow' factor.  Beauty, well yeah.  Looking at these 'wheels', we can see that.  {functionality...hmmmm}

 A well-treaded set of wheels on a beautifully tricked out automobile always garnered the attention of the neighborhood 'in' crowd.  They are the 'blink' that is meant to catch your eyes...coming and going.  Your wheels should always be clean, crisp and the 'belle of the ball'.  The automobile is your show piece, but the wheels are the crowning jewel.  

So you see, the outfit is really the bridemaid to the real shop stopping bride that is going on below the ankle...
Your wheels!

I can not remember where I found this mouth dropping pic {if you do, please email me with the info so that I can give due credit}, but, I would bet my eyes tooth that they are the lusciousness that belongs only to Lady Gaga.  Thoughts?

the stylist to these amazing gems is a very chic designer whose style is nothing short of fierce!

...and what would a shoe closet be without a pair of kicka** red pumps?! 
I say...empty {very}