06 October 2010

Where Beds Go To Grow Up

{via here::special thanx}

Can I tell you that I can't get enough of this design!  The floral sculpted headboard is too pretty for words.  The colour is warm and inviting - can you say, 'I think I'll work from home today'?  The clean pattern draws your eye without being distracting or monopolizing.  I'll rest my head here anytime...

How awesome is the typography on those pillowcases?  I'm sorry, but they would be strictly for show {read - no heads allowed}.  The use of crisp white linen lends itself to a clean unfussy aethestic.  And the use of the soft blue hue against the yellow, pure feminine!  This is amazing!

I have just the accessory for this display of prettiness. 

This definitely has a place, alongside my other inspirations, in my digital home improvement portfolio.

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