10 December 2010

I want my downtime to look like this....

The weather forecast for this weekend is pretty dismal.
COLD. scratch that. downright, outright FRIGID.
blustery with unrelenting wind gusts
snow flurry fall
icy roads
frozen windshields
tingling fingertips
{via::special thanx}

it's beginning to ever so slowly sink in that,  my wishes for the return of warm weather is sooo far in my future. {gives me something to look forward to *wink*}.

So I've decided that, in order to stop whining so much about this polar climate change, perhaps if I make a list of things that I like about this unavoidable artic blast. 
So in hopes of feeling warmer here's my list of

 Winter WonderLusts::

* big, bulky knit sweaters
* Boots! Glorious Boots!
* hot cocoa and warm fireplaces
* watching neighborhood children sled ride...from inside of the bay window
* the magical silence of snow falling
* the patterns formed by the tread marks of passing cars
* warm soup!
* sleeping on flannel sheets
* catalog shopping
* warm fuzzy socks
* warm fuzzy slippers
* thinking about warm-weather d*lites {couldn't resist!}
* reading a novel on a slow Sunday afternoon
* three major holidays, back to back

...now that wasn't so bad

I think that list should sustain me for now...
What's on your winter wonderlust list?

So my Luv-lies....have a magical weekend


TJWisdom said...

I'm stopping by from the Lady Tea Bloggers Society!

Thanks for the commentluv.

I'm enjoying sharing tea with you.

It was raining here in Missouri than bitter winds and cold. It was so dark outside today that my hubby and I got out the Christmas decorations and put on some Christmas music. I recently bought some black knee high boots so I am totally with you.
I am agreeing with everything on your list.

Stay warm, I look forward to sharing some tea with you again.

{S.T.U.F.F.} said...


Thanx for stopping by and having 'Tea' with me.

Right about now, I'd rather have rain over snow....but I wouldn't want to ruin the boots...

Grace Matthews said...

Stopping by from Lady Bloggers:)

We moved from Upstate NY to NC and I miss the winters...I miss the snow...I envy you:)

{S.T.U.F.F.} said...

Grace Matthews,

...a move from Upstate NY to the south...I know that you must be pining for snow!

Thanx for stopping by. I luv the Give-Aways! They are always so refreshing and useful!

please pardon the delay in this response...the holiday season {and afterwards} has kept me far more busier than anticipated...but it's great to be back in the blogosphere!