06 December 2010

make new friends....

Hey Luv-lies!
I've  found an amazing 'lady' friendly blog that I'm just dying to share with you all!
They have alot a really fun, informative and educational things going on over in their space in bloggyland! Loads of fun for you to get lost in doing!

One of their most exciting ventures is their weekend tea parties! Can you imagine that. A tea party...every weekend! How cool is this!?

For all us newbies *that would be me*, the tea parties "happen every weekend and give all of the members a chance to visit some new blogs, network, and make some new bloggy friends!"

I'm always 'in' for finding new bloggy friends...and over tea? How can it get any better?
I know where I will be on Saturdays {starting with the upcoming Saturday}. I am so excited....

...I hope to see all of you Luv-lies at the tea

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