24 April 2009

Friday Fill-In


And...here we go!

1. Apparently there's some sort of fascination with reality shows {as if ones own life is not filled with enough 'reality'...go figure}.

2. Every day should be a sunny day.

3. 2009 has been THE year for Susan Boyle ... so far.

4. As soon as I finished my first game of Wii tennis, I knew that I was hooked... that was it!

5. For too long I've been I've been putting off learning to line dance.

6. I am not obsessed with SHOES!, SHOES!, SHOES!; I am not!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sitting on the deck- good read in hand - soaking in the sounds of nature {I can hear the crickets now }, tomorrow my plans include hanging out with my Grandchildren {!!YEAH!!} and Sunday, I want to catch up on some GREAT gossip with my MOM {** she always has some scrumdeli-icious 'lowdown'}!

So here's my Fill-In {in red, of course}. I just {luv} this stuff! Want to fall in {luv} with it too? Try it out...at least once...

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