25 April 2009

To Market

today the weather was unbelievably warm...now this is what i can live with. so i took advantage of this deliciously warm afternoon by spending some time in a nearby country store restaurant. although i find the food in this eatery very light and pleasing to the palette, the real attraction is the retail store that hosts loads of 'old school' yummies at 'throw back' prices. here's a sneak peek: the view from the ground...the ceiling offers a great history lesson in machinery & equipment.

some of these helpful tools look lethal...and they're hanging right over my head

vintage reads...'The Duke', Hogan's Heroes...when life was simpler

these goodies were held prisoner behind the counter...the temptation of it all! one pound of each- in the cart

if i could have just one thing in this room, it would have to be this modern replica of this fantastic vintage stove...i'm drooling {the chocolate syrup doesn't quell the drool}
counter deliciousness!!! one of everything for me...please. remember milk duds, the large and very sweet lollips?

peppermint sticks, more lollipop goodness, gum balls, candied necklaces.... all at 'throw back' prices and payable with "plaid stamps". ring up three of each

there were plenty of goodies for the garden, bath & body products, again, at 'throw back' prices. one bunny and three of sets of the b&b products in the cart

every country store has handmade quilts...i'll take two for the upcoming winter, thank you

candles, candles, candles...even then, they knew the benefits of aromatherapy...put at least a half dozen of these in the cart, please

the market's own, pancake batter, syrups of many kinds, jams & more of those yummy ribbon lollipops...in the basket


T.Allen-Mercado said...

What a day! I could spend hours in stores like that, there is something tucked away in every little nook. Thanks for sharing!

My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...


these markets are amazingly soothing. And your absolutely correct, there is a hidden gem tucked away waiting to be revealed.

thanx for the blog {luv}