10 April 2009

Make My Aqua Designer...

{photo via Severely Glamorous::special thanx}

'designer Jean-Paul Gaultier & Evian works with Baccarat to create five exclusive limited edition bottles. 5 unique bottles dressed transparently to evoke Evian’s best asset: purity. Bubbles bottle, drops bottle, tray bottle, reflection bottle and spring bottle: 5 exceptional creations presenting the tremendous savoir-faire of Baccarat artisans'.

These thirst quenching gems were auctioned off earlier this week in support of a much championed charity of Evian. I can't begin to imagine what the final price was for each bottle.
If the price of the Jean Paul Gaultier "Prêt-à-Porter" 2009 Limited Edition Bottle of Evian is the barometer, then one has to question if we are truly in a recession.

And here's my {other} question:: do I drink the water or store it on a shelf with all of the other 'handle with care' vintage liquids?

My first question?...what economically stable person buys this stuff?


Helen Cox said...

These are fab, what an excellent design find!

My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...

Helen Cox,

I {luv} the idea of 'art as packaging'. They are visibly pleasing.

Thanx for stopping by