27 April 2009

Time Out...

I'm back on the stroll {that't blog-stroll, that is} again! Found this great etsy find over at Fog & Thistle. It is irresistably FABULOUS!!! I've tried several times to describe this gem, but finally decided that, "who better to tell us about this treasure than the artist?" So, without further ado, I give you the artist...Marcelo.
"This paper sculpture is part of Marcelocean Series.
Marcelocean is an imagine marine world of Marcelost World.
Marcelost World is an imagine planet (?) created by me...
This paper sculpture was made of thousands of paper pieces and cuttings, and three months of hard work.
No number on clock. You are free to decide the time. For example, it's crab time, or sea horse o'clock...The time may be the less important thing in this sculpture.
Forget the time, relax and enjoy your day.
Note my signature MARCELO sculptured in paper on the clock.
Paper sculpture made in 2008, sculptured in paper as MMVII on the clock.Seconds dial is the sun. Minutes dial is the star, and the hours dial is the moon."


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