09 April 2009

Thursday The Thirteenth...

Style.... in Black & White

#1 Absolutely {LUV} this chandelier pendant. Made from a scrabble tile, the vintage-look is reminensent of days of old...when life was opulent, stylish and simple.

#2 Proper Tea, anyone?
the quintessential British-ness kit offers all the comfort one needs on a long journey, allowing the ritual of drinking from a teacup and saucer. But WAIT! It’s not a proper cuppa tea without a doily! Now that's style!

# 3 Style Me {Pretty} ....Crystal chandelier {*stop me from drooling}

#4 It's ashamed that the art of letter writing has been replaced by twittering, emailing, text messaging and cell phone calls. Writing...now that's stylish

#5 Chuck Taylor {aka} All Stars = Classically Stylish Foot Gear

# 6 Moving at rabbit speed has its place. But these mellow cats prove that moving at a snails pace ain't such a bad style to have.

# 7 You can't begin to talk about style, and not make mention of the iconic, Audrey Hepburn. Let's just say that 'she is the epitome of style'. Any questions or loyal objections?

# 8 I {heart} the art deco graphic on this coffe cup + saucer. The line = clean, the reverse black/white contrast = fresh. Having your latte in this is stylish combo says 'style' no matter how you take your 'joe'

# 9 Check out these dapper dudes. All suited + booted and on their way. They certainly make a tuxedo stylish. Now if they could just find that red carpet...

#10 remember when the three "R's" was the 'thing'. When did it become unfashionable to pick up a book, instead of a video game? Let's bring 'reading, 'riting & 'rithmetic back into style!

#11 Style Me Pretty:: Garden Candy...

#12 There's something wickedly sinister, yet, come hither about this stylishly satin laced heel. The ultimate in 'foot bondage'...who gives a d*mned about walking? {Vanity before Sanity....}

#13 Now who doesn't {luv} cupcakes? These decadent little devils are the answer to having one slice of cake. The jewels, a small, but essential style element. Oh- la-la*

#14: That coat! That coat! That coat! I have to have it! Who says that style ends at age 29? Rock on, haute Momma!

# 15: {luv} this look because it has a definite 'Chanel' look. The tights, a little harlequin but {luv}-ly , none the less. Fresh + daring!


Janet said...

So much eye candy in this post!!! Loved the coffee cup, the snail family going for a stroll and I bought one of those tiles recently (got it today, too!); it says "Once Bitten" :-)

Clara said...

I love your post! Each picture was more gorgeous than the preceding one. If I had to name one as a favorite, it would have to be the cupcakes. Or Audrey Hepburn. Or the snails...

My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...


The snails + coffe cup = simple life. Don't you {luv} them?
Enjoy the tiles, they are exquisite :^)

My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...


Are you not {hearting} the cupcakes? The embellishments...I'm in {luv}