07 April 2009

Recap on an {almost} Blogless Week...

Monday {30 March}

In addition to the Vintage Monday Honey that is posted at the start of every week...
Over at Concrete Honey, we're celebrating "Bright Week". The task...to do a daily post of something bright. That's should be easy.

and here we go...

these 'gals' are billed as "not so small mermaids" but you must admit at least two things: {1} it takes total bravery to don these customs. {2} it takes even more bravery to don these customs in these very bright colours. I {heart} them. And the platinum blonde wig...I'm falling in {luv}! The 'Little Mermaid' will never be the same

Here is the entire 'Bright' list of players. Check them out!

{Natasha @ She Left on a Monday} {Abby @ two little dicky birds} {Lynne @ Tea For Joy} {Jenny @ Beauty is a Pain} {Lee @ A collection of photos} {Heather @ Creative Fetish} {Kim @ Halter Hotties} {My {S.T.U.F.F.} ::} {poli @ co woli poli} {Dani @ Dani and Jimmy} {Sharon @ Blossom} {Elizabeth @ Beths Take on Life} {Rhiannon @ Swaying Daisies} {Trudi @ The Deco Detective} Lucienne @ the lost researcher}

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