19 February 2009

I'll take mine in small bills...

Signed, sealed, delivered.
Done, finished, that's it!

If we can't say any else about the $787 billion economic stimulus bill that was signed into law yesterday, we can definitely say that. We know what we've been told about where the money is going, but let's just ponder what else can be purchased with $787 billion dollars. Let's see,

...Or/and, the funds will be allocated as per President Obama's agenda with about $281 billion of the stimulus to go to new tax cuts and the remainder being spent on infrastructure investments, expanded unemployment benefits, and other programs.
What do you think? Read through the possibilities and vote for spending package that you would sign off on.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Here's what I'm buying:

Lucky brand jeans-
I'll also have them altered and use all of the extra fabric for a skirt (I'm short)
Czech glass Beads
Stretched gessoed canvas
vintage african american photos

I'm a simple gal...the rest can then be used for infrastructure and other random industry words. ;)

My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...

I'm {luv}ing the list...the real 'pay-off'...it fits the budget :-)

The simple pleasures...when did that stopping working?