19 February 2009

{Thursday} the Thirteenth


I am really falling for some of these great memes out here in the blogosphere! My latest fascination...Thursday the Thirteenth. The task at hand... construct a list of thirteen items that fit one common theme and post them on Thursday. Now, the original owner of this introspective meme is stationed some place in England, so the posts on that site often posts a couple of hours before my Thursdays {I'm located in the U.S.}.

Part of the fun of it all is that the list possibilities are limitless, not to mention that they offer a small glimpse into one's inner self {...not trying to play pseudo-psychiatrist here, but, don't we all have some elements of a voyeur appetite?!}.

Well, here is my first post for Thursday the Thirteenth...munch on!


My Thursday Thirteen Post is:: " 13 Things That I am Guilty of::

* sleeping in late on Saturday

* {shameless} procrastination

* being a hopeless romantic {*sigh}

* being at my best when I'm a student

* daydreaming...when I should be working

* being a speed junkie {read...I luv fast cars!}

* smoozing my way out of traffic tickets

* being a gadget {luv}er

* eating the 'wrong' types of foods {cookies over a balanced meal}

* wishing that all of my Sundays were filled with sunshine, lemonade, porch gliders, butterflies and baseball by radio

* having a collection of Cabbage Patch dolls

* not returning calls...promptly :-o

* quietly mellowing with age

Want in on the action? Here's the lowdown...come on and play!


On a limb with Claudia said...

Gosh, I think we're all guilty of most of these. And what a great list.

Of course, I was totally :-o to see 'speed junkie' - glad you clarified! ;)

My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...

thanx for the blog {luv}.

...I knew visions of meth might appear if I didn't clarify :-)