23 February 2009

Vintage Monday...I promise that you will not have to live through this with me...

It's been about six weeks since 'the resolution'. And I promise that , after this post, I will not subject you to, yet another, torturous trek toward that much sought after figure of yesteryear! {where's that fountain?!}. Oh yes, since the beginning, like most of us hopefuls, I was beyond committed. Now, I must admit, there have been those times that I'd rather be somewhere more sexier than my work-out room. And sure, the thought of sipping a smooth Green Apple Martini conjured up visions that totally outweighed the thought of a sipping a Green Apple Smoothie ...I've risen to the challenge!
I won't bore you with numbers {because there are just number and unless, they are tied to either a very large sum of money and/or a winning lottery ticket, no one is going to oh-h-h and ah-h-h about it}. I will say that I am at least smiling about this number and unless there is some landslide event involving this number {or less of it!}, let's just say that, this is it for 'the resolution'.

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