24 February 2009

Tuesday To-Don't ::

Don't be afraid of {Self-Affirmations}::

Despite their many insecurities, we can take one lesson from the adolescent population... their seemingly endless confidence and self-promotion. Yeah, yeah, many years ago, I too, raised an adolescent who required a daily stream of support and praises when within the walls of our humble abode. But I will testify,LOUDLY, to the enviable public display of shameless self-affirmations, declarations of self approval and confirmations of self-truth and validity that have transformed an ambitious adolescent into a {LUV}-ly woman.

So, taking our lead from these fearless, innovative members of our society, here are a few ways to {luv}-ingly pat yourself on the back:

Find yourself a mirror and say to your reflection*::

~~ "Good golly, I'm a hot tamale!"

~~ "Oh yeah honey, I AM the money!"

~~ "I declare, I {luv} my hair!"

~~ "Your so 'purty', let's get flirty!"

~~ "It's hip and funky, looking this damned chunky!"

~~ "It's super heavy duty, being such a beauty!"

~~ "It's no paradox, that I'm such a fox!"

~~ "Strike a pose, because I adore this nose!"

~~ "I told my Mom, that we're the bomb!"

~~ "With eyes like mine, who needs fine wine"

~~ "Don't me to be so crass, but, I {luv} this a**!"

~~ "Like hot home cooking - I'm that good looking!"

**{special thanx for this 'Bad Girl' installment}

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