26 February 2009


Who are you Dane Carlson, to say that my blog has no monetary value!!
Here I am on my merry way
blog strolling , when I tripped {and almost fell...I'm too old to fall gracefully} up on your link . It promised to automatically calculate the value of my blog and assign it a monetary number. I thought, 'wouldn't it be fun to find out how much my musings are worth in the blogosphere?' My modest estimation was somewhere in the neighborhood of all of about $5.00 or $6.00...right? That's pretty modest?
So with great enthusiasm and beited breath, I entered my blog address into your 'calculator wizard' - because this was all the only requirement that you had asked for... and within a blink of an eye, there before me - your estimated dollar value of MY
{S.T.U.F.F.} !
A BIG FAT ZERO!! My blog, according to you, Dane Carlson, had a monetary value of $0.0!
Well, I am certain that I have been offended for greater than this, but, right now I just can't say when. You mean to tell me, that all of the heart, sweat and joy that I pour into this site is valueless! I think not
Mr Dane Carlson! Surely you must be mistaken. Let me try this again. Your numbers have to be..........

**{I now am experiencing a gentle tug on my shoulder as an arrow straight finger points to a very important word that I have obviously overlooked}... **

Me: " ... are you sure"
Arrow Finger: "Read it for yourself"
Me: "...how did I overlook that...?"
Arrow Finger: "I don't know...but are you sure that you want to continue on this tirade?"
Me: "... well, not if this is the case..."

You see, what I obviously overlooked was the very import word that described the type of blogs that Mr Dane Carlson's monetary blog assigner calculated values for...."BUSINESS" Blogs!

Me: "...that certainly does not apply to me" - *wiping my brow and letting out a sigh of relief*
Arrow Finger: "Yeah" - *with a look a apologetic anticipation*
Me: * in my best Erkle imitation* - ".....never mind!"

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