20 December 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday


I {luv} the intensity with which this gentleman is engulfed in his reading.  The intensity of the shadow is a true 'reflection' of this scene.  ...and the water - I'm thirsty!
This shot is just  *{luv}-ly

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15 December 2009

Vintage Chair = Shelf...

I want this!  This is interior design heaven.  The nostalgic and feminine style has sent me reeling...in {luv}!  And to use it as a storage unit...I'd never hang another towel.  I'm on my way to the nearest antique store.

11 December 2009

Happy Weekend!

a {Girl's} Room...

{via here::special thanx}
Oh how I wish that I had a little girl's room to re-design, again!  I {luv} the light hearted, feminine spirit and style of the above prints - designed specifically for dainty little girls.  The rich tones and colors used by artist, Liz Clay lends itself to a realistic wit & whimsy saved only for the little ones.  These prints are very necessary for the little girl who seems to have everything.  Not to worry, little boys have not been left out.

28 November 2009

I"ll take one of each.....please

{link luv::special thanx}

These little gems have helped fuel my new-found  {luv} for vintage jewelry.  And, although I have wondered upon these delicious hand made finds from Florence, Italy - much too late to purchase -- ...I'm still going to drool over them...
{my favorite?  the lusciously bejeweled  crown that fits 'just right' on the pinkie finger....ah-h-h-h-h-}

22 November 2009

05 November 2009

Happy Blogoversary...12 Months later

One Year!  Wow!  This has been an amazing ride. 
Lots of posts to get, with dreams of lots more. 
 Thanks for staying on this journey with me...
Please stay for more...

12 October 2009

{Sculptured} Nails

{photos via::special thanx}

I can easily see this on the runways of a Gaultier show...easily. My question is... what do they do once they're in the ladie's room?.....................................just a thought....what's yours?