31 December 2008

{Wordless} Wednesday::

*{I can't recall where I found this fabulous picture,so, if anyone can
help me out so that I can give the author his/her just deserves}

29 December 2008


{I'll take that drink now!!!!}

The holidays have been great! Lots of holiday cheer, food, family, fun + more food, family fun & cheer...
The way that I see it, I won't have to clean the house for another few weeks. Oh, New Years?... that's somebody else's turf! Until then, I am going to lay here {yes, just like this} and decompress!!!!...{did you bring me that drink?} :D

26 December 2008

And now for the Encore...

AKA...After Christmas Sales...{YUMMY*}

{click on photo for link to original site}

...The holiday went off without a hitch and now it's time for the real shopping {and gifting} to begin. Hope that you were gifted all that you desired {or at least most}...

** for the little people in my world, these will work just fine. Besides they are so cute;)

**And now for a few of my favorite things::

*ooh the memories of youth, I'll try them again...but I must admit that these are more reasonable...but these much more 'cool'
* these luscious little
with warm milk = more of this

* * gumball memories...I must agree, they always make me smile:) but so does flying high ** found this great new on-line place to spend some cash...
** I am luvin' the warmth of this room...and will gladly accept any room that had resemblance to these {just pick one}...

** I wish that I had found this great lace before the holiday...how pretty

** I {heart} Sex + The City...left up to me, it would have never ended. So it's off to the NYC for the great bus tour...me likey...

** The first day that I am snowed in {which by all meteorological prognostications...I've been dying to write that;) } will be soon, I must try this scrumptuolosity!!

**a must have the little people (non-stop thinking of them)

** I found this wonderful article that has helped with the planning of my next fabulous party

...I'm glad that I am not here or here,...but I'm close enough...burrrrrr

24 December 2008

Wordless Wednesday...

Through my blog travels,I have stumbled upon a type of posting that is simply titled, "Wordless Wednesday". These expressive posts consists of, either, one solo picture or a series of pictures that depict the mood/disposition of the author. I've viewed quite a few and have decided that I kind of like this idea of telling the story...sans words.
So beginning today, I am going to give throw my hat into the 'nonverbal' ring and try give this wordless Wednesday thing a chance. We'll see how it goes...
{photo via RachelThomas::special thanx}

23 December 2008


My very talented friend at High Desert Diva {I digress with good reason--you've got to visit her delicious Etsy site...you'll be hard-pressed to come away without an equally delicious purchase...think 'last minute Christmas items'}, sent me this wonderfully 'awesome' paper art design to add to my collection {thanx, a million}. Like the rest, It is far too magical* to keep to myself.
You are sure to agree...

{photo via BG&E via HighDesertDiva::a million thanx}

17 December 2008

Some things are just ... {Magical*}

I've always said that the X-generation has overused the word "awesome". Overused to the point that the true magnitude of its meaning has been minimized. I also knew that, there would come a moment; in which, I would encounter something that would completely and utterly encompass the true meaning {in all of its magnitude and magnificence} of this word--and I would not find it befitting to use {because of its over use}. The papercuts displayed below is that time, that moment. And now, I am left having to search for another word that is equally as descriptive as this word 'awesome'- but without its minimalization.
That word...MAGICAL*
{find it here::special thanx}

16 December 2008


I just finished the January '09 issue of Harper's Bazaar and it is awesome! Chock full of new and refreshing pics that showcase nothing but glamour. I photo'ed my cover copy and the website's cover copy {I should have such skills} along with a page from the mag. All for the savouring;-)

15 December 2008

{Vintage} Monday...

{purchase here}

So I'm up this time of morning to get in my AM exercise regime in {and over with}. However, in the middle of donning my gear and putting the final tightening touches on my laces, I had this overwhelming want/need to post. Why, by george it's {Vintage} Monday. I luv looking through the mounds of vintage pinups trying to select the one that fits my mood for this particular day {and time}.
One thing for certain is that the selection process never fails to disappoint. I selected this {luv-ly} above because right now, right here, I would rather be blogging {aka typing}:-)

13 December 2008

Reindeer Games::

We must be willing to laugh at ourselves... Thanx Calvin + Hobbs
{via GingersPlace::special thanx}

12 December 2008

THANK {G.I.F} !!!

found this great picture that perfectly relays the feeling of the day!! I think I'll take this energy into the weekend...

11 December 2008

{SOLE} food...

{photo via ShrimptonCouture via MarkSchwartz via::special thanx}

Bestill my sole! I've fallen in {LUV}. Thank goodness for sexy + sultry = ?wearable footwear. ...sign me up! I'll wear them!

10 December 2008

It's A {Blog-Aversary} ::

{photo via High Desert Diva::special thanx}
Here I am 'blog strolling' again, only this time through my e-mail. Following up on a comment that I posted on Bliss, I strolled onto Cicada Daydream. What an amazingly {pretty} and engaging spot! Intriqued by the name ::{side story:: approximately 3-4 years ago, I had my first experience with this mysterious {locust?} called a cicada. Not being native to the area that I now, lovingly, refer to as 'home' and not being much into the insect world, I was completely in awe of the arrival of these red-eyed, lightweight, wide-winged creatures that miraculously appear after a seventeen year ?hibernation/?incubation}.
The first thing that peaked my curiosity about
Cicada Daydream was "Why that handle"? I stopped pass to find that, like the evenly euphonic rhythm of the tunes that awakened me, Cicada Daydreams is 'fan-tabulous'{my word:D}! Well, I kept 'strolling' and arrived onto another amazingly, equally 'fan-tabulous' engaging site - High Desert Diva whose blogaversary happens to be today. What kept me there? Well to start, the sassy, take-no-prisoners, gun slinging cowgirl adorning the western-styled vintage header. Secondly, the friendly and engaging posts that invite you to settle in for the long haul. And lastly, but certainly not least, you can't go wrong with Etsy! So to you, High Desert Diva--HAPPY BLOG-AVERSARY!!!

09 December 2008

In {Black} + {White}:: (aka High Browing it}

You gotta {LUV} Goth!! It commands so much attention, even from those who try not to look. The look says that beyond a reasonable doubt, if nothing else I am 'me'! You gotta luv the bravery that comes with bucking the ordinary standard of 'beauty'. Being able to successfully pull off this dark + intriguing look, is a beauty institution itself.
Gotta {luv} that! Look at these beauties, they lift lace to a whole 'nother level. Thanx to a Bucket full of Heather for this great pic to post about:D

08 December 2008

{Vintage} Monday...

Eleven days before Christmas and this vintage honey is just calling in her list. Maybe Santa gave up his reindeer for Fedex or UPS. Either way, this doll does not seem to be concerned about on-time delivery. ...If only I could be this confident about my wireless service:D

{Guy} Time ::

These little guys look like they are having a great time just kicking back, having a lot of sugar with their coffee... These cute whimsical little guys are made from sugar by these great folks!

07 December 2008

Got {Baby} ?

All of you expecting moms are so so lucky! How so? Gone are the miu miu dresses of yesteryears. Today's mother's are dressed chic and stylish. Check out the must-have Tees above. Capital C-U-T-E!! Talk about casual wardrobe stoppers...