30 January 2009

Enroute to......Today

{photo via RodneySmith::special thanx}

** You know that things are bad when the cookies crumble...
** When did the criteria for qualifying for one of 99 Beautiful Women end at being a star? She gets my vote for the 100th Beautiful women.
** These folks will help you get a new set of wheels. At least that is their claim.
** I want his personal trainer...the diet plan has to be wicked!
** Looking for that one-of-a-kind, uniquely yours, over-the-top venue for your next fete...look no further
** I must have this house!!!
** What's up with this!...{*long, quiet sob}
** This table makes me yearn for spring...ahh-h-h...I think that we have fifty-one days to go...

** I'm off to have a great weekend like this guy ...hope you have a great one!!!

Friday Fill-In...


{* my answers are in red}

1. I'd really like a slice of warm, homemade, deepdish apple pie...ala mode...right now.
2. D*mn!!! is the word you'd most often hear me say if I stubbed my toe.
3. Possession is an obligation.
4. I've never heard of Captain Jack Sparrow.
5. Marshmallows and fire go together like good friends & great conversation.
6. The madness seems to go on and on.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to getting my Steeler gear ready for the Superbowl, tomorrow my plans include stopping at the caterers to pick up the meal for the Superbowl and Sunday, I want to watch the Steelers win the Superbowl!

Want in on the action? Drop by here to fill in the template.

29 January 2009


This Diva is a natural winner!!!
I've been following her fantastic blog for a couple of months now, and I must say that, rather she is giving an extremely informative interviews, supporting the likes of fellow bloggers or showing us her playful side ...via the much loved fun posts!! Charmaine never fails to deliver. Her eagerness to give without expectation of getting back, is often rewarded by the uncanny way that EVERY contest that she enters...she comes away with the prize. ...I'm going to give her a good 'virtual' ((((rub)))) so that I can share that great karma :-)!!! Appreciation for her wholesome honesty and down-home goodness is shared by many of us devotees of her amazing blog!

So, this post is a major 'SHOUT OUT' to this wonderful virtual friend!!! Here's to you!- High Desert Diva. Your'e a natural winner!

{Beautiful} Design + {Intimate} Swirls = Paper {Magic}

I found this beautiful quilling art while hanging out at The Queen of Re's spot. Always a fan of beautiful paper art, I could not pass up the opportunity to showcase this luscious work of art. The intricate swirls and delicate design are shear visual magic. I look on in a state of wonder...{ I think that I will add this to either this list or this list}

27 January 2009

To Don't Tuesdays....

Don't be afraid to take yourself on a date!

You will never be bored when you are on a date with yourself. Like the old saying goes, "before you can fall in love with someone else, you have to fall hard for yourself". And that can take some time. There are many pluses to dating yourself: You don't have to {1} wonder if 'he's just not that into you', {2} if you are wearing your steamed broccoli on your teethe, {3} have your best bud save you, via text message, from a bad date, {4}, set through another boring movie, when you'd rather be dancing, {5} act unimpressed with the shiny, new, drop-top sports car, {6} get dressed up, when you'd rather be sporting denim. Instead, go ahead and start the long, luscious process of self love through your first date.

So, what should you do on your first 'self' date...glad that you asked...

** Break out the bubbly! You are going to impress yourself tonight. Start with a buzz, but don't give it all away tonight--if you do, you know that you will respect yourself in the morning.

** Slip into something more comfortable

** Turn on some romantic music and dance "The Waltz"...you lead

** Chase a rainbow

26 January 2009

{Vintage} Monday...

Is it that time already?
This bombshell seems to think that her six week weigh-in is today. Now let me count... if the resolution to get fit/lose extra pounds/shape up...started on the first...
This hottie is definitely confused! By my calculations, she's got three more weeks before the dreaded weigh-n!
So...HEY YOU CUTEY!!! Step away from the scale, save the 'fit for Valentine's Day, hold off on the mile high stilettoes {they add extra weight...like you care}, and weren't you taught not to bend over from the waist {the gravitational pull causes your face to wrinkle}!

25 January 2009

Shutter Click + Chat...

Favorite Outtakes

Despite being told that I am very photogenic {your friends can truly be very nice, can't they?}, I am beyond camera shy. And because I do not like to stand in front of the camera as the subject, I am not good at asking others to do the same. Needless to say that I was hard pressed to find a picture for todays shutter, click + chat. Not to fear, I turned to that ol' faithful...the internet, for some much needed help.
After searching through tons of Great pix, I decided that this one make me smile the most...she is a cutey :-). This is
Riley, who is photographed by Stange. It seems as though this was her photo session for the all important first Christmas.
Judging by the picture, Stange & the Crew were keeping up far too much noise for this Princess and she was surely going to let them {in her own little "baby" way} know! I just want to thank Baby Riley and Stange for providing such a great outtake for me to feature this Sunday morning:)

Interested in participating? Tea & Honey Bread is our gracious Hostess. Stop by to see her, she'll gladly give you the low-down on how to play.

23 January 2009

You Know You've Made it When...

...You received the nod to be on::

Such is the good fortune of cut-paper guru, Rachel at::
She initially got the summons before the Christmas holiday, but when the show went into temporary hiatus.......nothing. Until yesterday when she was contacted by the show's producer who said "that Martha loved the night lights and they would like {me} to be on show!" Whooooopieeee!!!

So here's the 'huggy lowdown'::

The show tapes February 24 and will air on February 27. Set your TIVO + DVR's my {luv}-lies.

Fill-In Fridays...

Okay, I have been trying to resist getting in on this, but every Friday, for a month now, I have tuned in to see what the Fill-In Friday template consists of. Today... I just couldn't resist...I gladly give in!!! So, one hundred and seven posts later, I am ready {read: eager} to get in on the action: HERE GOES:

1. Oh, I am so rejuvenated!

2. I learn from changes, big and little.

3. During airport layovers, I people watch.

4. I have to wait another week to see the Superbowl! are you kidding me???

5. Right now I'd like to be on a month long vacation with all of my favorite magazines.

6. My ever present laptop is my favorite gadget.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to EXHALING, tomorrow my plans include much needed R & R and Sunday, I want to reflect on the past week and prepare for the upcoming!

Want to get in on it too...{just don't wait one hundred and seven posts to get in}

{Enroute} to ...Today

** 'Excuse me while I kiss this guy'...
** They say that in real estate that what's most important is location, location, location...but there has to be something said for square footage.
** On the sofa. In the park. In the office or on the street. Some couples are all too quick to show us the love .
** In my life as Sherlock Holmes, I yearned to play detective and design the face of the bad guy
** Another historical signature.
** I am a true supporter of of the idiom '...when life gives you lemons...', but this is going too far...can you say 'parenting lessons 101' {where do these imbeciles live and why have they not been arrested...can you say 'child endangement'?}

20 January 2009

{Tuesday} To-Don't

?WHAT?!...What is this 'Tuesday To-Don't'? I've decided that we need a day committed, totally, to doing the one thing that we ordinarily would hold back on doing. A sort of a 'don't theme day', if you will. It goes something like this:: My 'To-Don't' today is:: Don't feel guilty about the occasional self-pampering. We spend a great deal of our time + energy nurturing and caring for the ones that we love and cherish. Today is our day to 'just do us'. Don't allow this temporary self-indulgent detour stir feelings of guilt!

Here's to {Tuesday} To-Don't...

19 January 2009

{Vintage} Monday...

This Babe must have had a great weekend! Check out that ever so perfect shade of red lipstick, upstaged only by that seductive "come hither" smile. Her coif is impeccably styled {maybe she slept pretty?} and her brows arched to the nines {I'm going to need the number to your stylist girlfriend}. And the rosy red cheeks, that's undoubtably a schoolgirl blush...there's not that much rouge in the world! Okay, okay! so that's not the first thing that your eye takes in...but with a physique like that wouldn't you don an absolutely transparent + decadent garment such as that?...Just not to put the cat out?

18 January 2009

Shutter Click + Chat...

Your America:: The Good, The Bad + The Ugly

Often times I turn to musical prose to express that which I might be having difficulty putting into words.
...this shutter click + chat topic is one of those moments.

Here's the prose:: "Oh where? Where have all the flowers gone? A long time passing...long ago..."
{Earth, Wind + Fire:'Last Days + Times}

Want to participate in Shutter Click + Chat? Check out Tea + Honey Bread...go! right now!:-)

17 January 2009

{Pink} Slip Fete

Imagine finding out that one of your BFF's is soon to be layed off {GASP!}. Then imagine that your overstuffed mailbox is the bearer of the {?bad} news...in the form of this clever invite! Such was the case for Kate Parker at Real Simple. Instead of moping and sitting around licking her wounds, Kate's friend decided to celebrate her new-found freedom by throwing herself a {Pink Slip} fete! How cool is that?! With such a great attitude, it will be no time before this Diva finds a new career...with herself at the helm as OWNER.

{photo via Real Simple::special thanx}

16 January 2009

{Enroute} ...to Today

{photo via Babeffe::special thanx}

** Truly amazing things do happen...when you stop to smell the roses...
** I've always wondered what other people do with their extra money...
** Remember when dolls weren't complicated?
** Self-description::photography,autobiography + metaphor.
** Sometimes it's good to find all of your self-help info in one place...at least, it cuts
down on the driving.
** This mower kicks grass.
** Now I'm not much of a burger eater, but if I were...this would be a difficult decision.
** Having a difficult time finding a date? Maybe your'e in the wrong city.
** Mike + Juliet in the morning...I definitely tune in. It sure beats the abysmal line-up of
'court' shows!!!
** Would you leave your Grandmother a note like this?
** I'm not sure if she can pimp my ride...
** When we will cross the finish line for this race?
That's it for now...ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND

12 January 2009

{Things} to do while I'm Alive...aka...Not quite the {Resolution} list..

{Enlarge pic}
{photo via BoneheadStudio::special thanx}

Isn't this picture amazing! I stumbled upon it blog strolling...of course. You know, you really do find the most amazing finds where you least expect & when you've stopped to smell the flowers. 'Mr Moonie' has been able to do what no other {at least up to this post} has been able to do---motivate me to construct that all-expected 'resolution' list. And so, I acquiese! but I am not going to call it an official 'resolution' list because the "to-do's' do not go away with year's end. How about this title?: 'Close to 100 things to do while I'm Alive'. One hundred things huh?...well I better get started...
* Visit as many countries as years that I have lived
* Go to the Super Bowl {at least one}
* See a Broadway show, front-row center
* Eat dinner prepared by a world-class chef
* Straddle the international dateline
* Stay at a five-star hotel and upgrade my room
* Send myself flowers {dahlia and/or hydrangeas} happy B-day to me!!
* Have Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues
* Renovate my home Office
* Go to a Shakespeare festival
* Visit all fify states
* Have an out-of-body experience
* Read the classics...all of them
* Explore the Seychelles
* Ride a cable car in San Francisco
* Ride the incline in Pittsburgh, Pa {again}
* Do a wine tour of Italy
* Learn to Surf
* Learn Sign Language
* Fill up my passport
* Shop on Rodeo Drive
* Drive the autobahn
* Complete a half marathon
* See the changing of the guard
* Ride a train across the United States
....not bad for a start. Read more .... {Feel free to e-mail suggestions}.

{Vintage} Monday...

So it's not Veteran's Day...but here's to the boys!! This hottie is a total babe afixed this cannon in her body skimming tee, wide legged {cotton} pants + white stilettoes. I'm totally {hearting} this outfit.

...now shall we talk about the not so covert sublimal seduction that's going on? Can this get any more phallic? Or should we breathe a sigh of support to the times when life was more carefree?...well, I'm just saying......I still like the fashion :D

09 January 2009

{Enroute} to... Today

{photo::special thanx}
** One day I'll find just the right shade of red...
** These two are in it for the long haul...
** I wonder why Carrie didn't like it in Paris...they have such great style.
** ...But of course it's not New York.
** I'm bracing for the weekend weather. The prediction is sleet & rain...great reason to pick up a few of her great movies...
** Looking for a new 'do'...definitely can't go to work with this coif...
** This guy has 10 things that he wants gone in 2009...should we start a list?
** When it comes to teamwork, these two will make you green with envy.
** I'm a believer of shameless self-promotion...if you don't toot your own horn... {well, you know the rest...}


06 January 2009

Bob & Jackie's Two Minute Drill...

{read the interview}

Remember this cute little number? Well it seems that everyone is getting on the video bandwagon. Jackie Bange and Robert Jordan have developed this great self-choreographed number that they perform right at their anchor desk! ...but not on air...until now. You see, they perform this two minute plus routine during their first commercial break at Chicago's WGN newroom where they serve up the weekend news. The routine has taken on a life of its own with both anchor personel lending their creative juices toward its development. They came up with the routine to break up the tension that results after the news' first 'grit and grime' stories that grab the attention of the viewing audience. Some of the moves have significance to them such as the Moe-like poking that starts the number off. Read the fun + informative interview, only after viewing the clip {it's 2:45mins, but well worth every single minute}, to get a full appreciation for the duels team building antics. It makes me jealous...I wish that my coworkers were this fun!!

05 January 2009

Bad Girl Rage...

It didn't take the 'BAD GIRL RAGE' calendar long to give me some good stuff to post.
Here it is our first activity... it's :

Friday's - "fill in the blank"

Blanks filled in
Those are my answers. I would {LUV} to post your answers. Why don't we do that? Email your thoughts to these questions and I will gladly fill in the blanks with your responses and post them!! ...this is going to be fun :-)