30 April 2009

Break Time...

{photo via La Tartine Gourmande::special thanx}

found this enticing one-pot meal Stuffed Mushroom Soup on a food stroll. This week started with a heatwave...temps hovering around ninety-three degrees {yowwee!!}. But today, 'brrrr', thirty degrees cooler! Bring on the hot soup, I. am. ready.

The Cloud's the Limit...

{photo via PartyPerfect::special thanks}

Rain...as seen on a beautiful cloudy day...

Thursday Thirteenth...

Thirteen ways to::
Be A Kid Again... {Une}

~~ Do a cartwheel.
~~ Sing into your hairbrush.
~~ Walk barefoot in wet grass.
~~ Play a song you like really loud, over and over.
~~ Dot all your “i”’s with smiley faces.
~~ Read the funnies. Throw the rest of the paper away.
~~ Dunk your cookies.
~~ Play a game where you make up the rules as you go along.
~~ Step carefully over sidewalk cracks. ~~ Change into some play clothes.
~~ Try to get someone to trade you a better sandwich.
~~ Eat ice cream for breakfast.
~~ Kiss a frog, just in case...*note the diamond ring behind his back...that's the best!
Play along with me...most Thursdays the theme is blogger's choice. There are more 'thirteens' to read...

Theme Thursday...

Catch 'Theme Thursday' fever...

27 April 2009

Doing My Part...

Urban Outfitters is helping me to do my part...economic stimulus part, that is.
Today must be a day of footwear {luv} because, these have also made the list...and I don't even have to wait until July!

{spotted here first::special thanx}

{Casual} Kicks....

I found these {luv}-lies on my continued 'blog stroll'. Aren't they 'cat's meow?'. Okay, you have to understand...I drool over everything shoes! These little ditties will be my next buy. I am {hearting} the clean line, fresh look and the comfort & ease of mesh {so-o-o-o cool}.
Glad that I turned onto
For Me, For You, otherwise, I might have missed them.
These beauties are a result of a collaboration of
Arkitip, The Ace Hotel Palm Springs, Generic Surplus , and although they can be pre-ordered now, they don't ship until July... just in time to sport on the Fourth of July! One more bonus, these treasures come with a gem of a tote {oh la la, now I know that I'm in luv}

Time Out...

I'm back on the stroll {that't blog-stroll, that is} again! Found this great etsy find over at Fog & Thistle. It is irresistably FABULOUS!!! I've tried several times to describe this gem, but finally decided that, "who better to tell us about this treasure than the artist?" So, without further ado, I give you the artist...Marcelo.
"This paper sculpture is part of Marcelocean Series.
Marcelocean is an imagine marine world of Marcelost World.
Marcelost World is an imagine planet (?) created by me...
This paper sculpture was made of thousands of paper pieces and cuttings, and three months of hard work.
No number on clock. You are free to decide the time. For example, it's crab time, or sea horse o'clock...The time may be the less important thing in this sculpture.
Forget the time, relax and enjoy your day.
Note my signature MARCELO sculptured in paper on the clock.
Paper sculpture made in 2008, sculptured in paper as MMVII on the clock.Seconds dial is the sun. Minutes dial is the star, and the hours dial is the moon."


{VINTAGE} Monday::

Looks like this sizzling Babe has found the ticket to a great meal out on the town! I don't want to begin to guess what the meal is suppose to be, but I bet one thing that it won't be.....consumed! Now, I am wondering if the heels, hose and perky updo are part of the ploy?

26 April 2009

Shutter Click + Chat...

{Judith Jamison...CRY}

{Judith Jamison...FACETS}

{Judith Jamison...RELEVATION}

{Soul} = {Dance}
Dance, the soulful artform whose only equal would be Music, when I think of the Universal language. Insightful, powerful, liberating & personal.
Music is the heart that makes me feel. Dance is the soul that gives me a voice.


Shadow Shot Sunday::

Tracey , the mastermind behind SSS, has a big PROBLEM!! Her trusty computer has been struck by a bug!...UGH!!!
But, like all of us blog-obsessed bloggers, she was able to get a post in, before her screen faded to {black}. !WHEW!
So this shadow post is a 'two-fer' in attempt to give Tracey's computer a jolt back into the blogosphere...before the next Shadow Shot is due!

...Get Well Soon

25 April 2009

To Market

today the weather was unbelievably warm...now this is what i can live with. so i took advantage of this deliciously warm afternoon by spending some time in a nearby country store restaurant. although i find the food in this eatery very light and pleasing to the palette, the real attraction is the retail store that hosts loads of 'old school' yummies at 'throw back' prices. here's a sneak peek: the view from the ground...the ceiling offers a great history lesson in machinery & equipment.

some of these helpful tools look lethal...and they're hanging right over my head

vintage reads...'The Duke', Hogan's Heroes...when life was simpler

these goodies were held prisoner behind the counter...the temptation of it all! one pound of each- in the cart

if i could have just one thing in this room, it would have to be this modern replica of this fantastic vintage stove...i'm drooling {the chocolate syrup doesn't quell the drool}
counter deliciousness!!! one of everything for me...please. remember milk duds, the large and very sweet lollips?

peppermint sticks, more lollipop goodness, gum balls, candied necklaces.... all at 'throw back' prices and payable with "plaid stamps". ring up three of each

there were plenty of goodies for the garden, bath & body products, again, at 'throw back' prices. one bunny and three of sets of the b&b products in the cart

every country store has handmade quilts...i'll take two for the upcoming winter, thank you

candles, candles, candles...even then, they knew the benefits of aromatherapy...put at least a half dozen of these in the cart, please

the market's own, pancake batter, syrups of many kinds, jams & more of those yummy ribbon lollipops...in the basket