28 February 2011




....is Japanese badminton

badminton.  tennis.  squash.
memories of my college years
when burning calories weren't such a chore

the kimono is beautiful. the bow figure flattering.  the fabric is sultry
but i must confess
it would definitely present a challenge playing the game in this beauty

21 February 2011

18 February 2011


today's forecast:: rain and 75 degrees
it's mid-February
go figure...

17 February 2011

Theme Thursday ..... Street Artist!!

the artists of these fabulous renditions of street art are some of the best 'street artists' around.  what is most amazing is that some of these artists who have no formal 'art school' education. 

I, for one, am pleased that this 'small' credential has not stop them from showcasing their immense talent.
without further ado,
                                13 Urban Renditions by 13 Street Artists

AMAZING! don't you think?
maybe this and others' thursday thirteens will inspire you to give it a whirl. 
if you try your hand at it, remember to come back and leave me the info so that i can come check it out.

15 February 2011

Travel Agent on the line

Myriel, one of my bloggyland 'luv-lies', took a trip with one of her 'real' world friends to the Netherlands back in November.  I fell in luv with this photo of this ultra retro bicycle...the fact that it is pink just makes it more refreshingly attractive.

And, although the one can spend all day oogling the architecturally-rich landscape, I've always been fascinated by the seemingly effortless un-chorographed movement of the countries 'bicycle' traffic and the mind-boogling organized{?} system of parking these little two-wheeled beauties. 

All of this bike riding has to have a calming effect...

You must check out all of the great photos of her trip... remember to leave a comment to let her know your thoughts... don't forget to tell her that I sent you

*pssst...you'll luv the grafitti, too