28 January 2013

If I had to Carry Glass

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This is what is quickly becoming one of my new vices.... handbags!!
This colorful luv-lie has me pining for spring....
This is how the seller described this beauty....
 "A purse is a purse, right? Not when it's beautifully handcrafted using silver plated brass and glass beads from Indian bridal jewelry. Then, it's a dramatic piece of art that you just happen to carry your lip gloss in. A must-have for any fashionista"
and here's something else Cookies,
 the detachable straps can be worn as jewelry....making this gem a sassy little clutch!
*sigh* I'm in luv  

Vintage Monday

this bathing beauty says one thing to me....
"...I love me some me..."
what's she saying to you?

21 January 2013


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Hello Cookies,
This weekend was relaxing and productive {oxymoron?}
Unlike some weekends, this one has been seemingly a week-long vacation. 
I'm looking forward to the mornings activities: the morning news program's highlights of the week gone by and the weekend updates of the week gone by....
...and, of course, being glued to the television to witness the  pomp and circumstances of the Presidential Inauguration....
....although the office is a few flights up from my very cozy family room, ... I won't be going into the office today....
How was your weekend?  Do Tell....

Vintage Monday....

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.... Ohhh Toto.... we're not in Kansas anymore....
I the glamour of the pin-up Luv-vah-lies. 
Their faces always seem to be in a constant state of surprise of their beauty.
....and their knock out curvy bodies.... enviable
The  dress is ultra feminine. And the color is seductively powerful.
 Being the shoe goddess that I am, I'm simply in luv with the ankle strapped Betty Boop- style shoe is shear luv-vah-li-ness

14 January 2013

Vintage Monday

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This classic pin-up glamour girl is ready for the day's shot. 
The pinched waist, sleeveless red dress says "look at all of this luv-lie-ness". 
Smile for the camera

07 January 2013

My One Room House....

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If I had to live in one room, this would have to be the space.
Luv, Luv,  Luv it's quaint coziness and the warmth of lilac paint.
...and the light cotton curtains are far to cute!
What's your dream space?

Vintage Monday.....Rewind

Hello Cookies
....this vintage luv-vah-lie rewound from here


05 January 2013

01 January 2013

too short for....

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Make it a colourful  New Year!!!!    ♛


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