22 February 2010

12 February 2010

Can You Google That?

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Great design idea.  I think that I'd rather keep this under class...once it's sealed - you can't experience the fun.  Once opened {even carefully with the sharpest of letter openers} well...same issue.

Okay, so this one is for 'form', in this case design.  Not function {as least not as art}. What do you think?

07 February 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

# 90
This beautiful sunburst Twirly Gig's home is usually on my front lawn.  I brought it into the house due to the twenty-six inches of snow that fell overnight {...well, let's just say that I didn't want it to be buried until July...}. 

Despite the 'Snowmagedon' that blew through this neck of the woods over the last twenty four hours, the Sun decided to tease us, just a little.  I caught this shadow after propping the Twirly Gig against the wall and WOW!

 Can I tell you how amazed I am with the results.  Take a look.  What do you think?

                                              This is usually 'HOME' for this beauty... weather permitting.
Click here for a better look.

Just one more look...it is amazing!   Want more shadows?  This is where you can find more fabulous shadows.

05 February 2010

Friday Fill-In

It's been a while since I've done a Friday Fill-In.  Not sure as to why the hiatus...I have so much fun pondering my answers and feverishly filling them in (in red).
 I'm glad to play along again. 


1. I know that there's so much more to know.

2. A month without my family is the longest month.

3. You can't help but to scratch your head....huh.?

4. Twenty-four inches of snow; bring it on!

5. Where have you looked for your strength?

6. Nonstop sucking up from Toyota execs is now available.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the twenty-two inches of snow, tomorrow my plans include watching the encore of the last two inches of snow and Sunday, I want to watch the Super Bowl for the ingenious commercials!

She's Gotta Have This!

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I have {very, very soon} three {important} birthdays, fastly appoaching.  One of these special days belongs to my granddaughter- Beautiful, who will be three years old.  For the last three to four months, {yes, long before Christmas} I've been on the hunt for 'the perfect' birthday gift. 

Enter...this awesome vintage peddle car!  The result {successful, I will add} of my daily blog stroll.  This awesome find fits my self-imposed criteria for 'Grandchildren Gifts'.  Gifts must fit, at least one of the following criteria {there are many more but I don't want to bore you} :: something educational, requires no minimal 'game cartridge' purchases, must involve some gross motor movement involvement since physical education has been taken out of the public school curriculum, must be developmentally educational.   

The metal accountrements- how can you not love that hood ornament?- and the silver paint gives it the classic vintage car look, while the pretty pink colour understatedly says...I am girl!

Nothing like a great find, wouldn't you agree?  What have you found lately?

04 February 2010

Theme Thursday


 Love this Austin Mini Cooper desk.  I have the need for speed....and the red ain't bad either.
Maybe I'll be able to get my work done faster...

I'm seeing more red