25 November 2008

I'm not much of a {Winter} person::

I woke this morning to the high-pitched howling of the wind- No, not beneath my wings {I wish}, but, wildly swirling outside of my windows {all 25 of them}! Although the winter season has coldly embraced many regions, it has not become official here. So I awake to this sound of Mother Natures winter alarm expecting to look out of one of my {25} windows to find a picturesque view like the pictures below... and I brace myself {you see, I'm not much of a winter person}. ... the pics below are beautiful, but I've escaped this scene... for now...

{photos via virkverket::special thanx}
Maybe I should get a winter sport... I'm just saying

24 November 2008

You'll {Heart} them...Guaranteed

I just got some great news !!! I have trying -for one hundred gadzillion months ;)- to get a very dear co-worker of my to start a blog. You see, whenever I come to work, she has some fun and humorous 'Mommy Story' to tell me. The subject is usually one of the many characters of her very close knit family. It's either her "Just because I'm grown-who said I need to act it" newly wedded husband, Scott, or her drop dead gorgeous-"you're going to need to beat them off with a stick"- daughter, or any number of her equally as funny relatives. One of the great things about these daily anecdotals is that they are accompanied by pictures {aka - evidence} of the endless romping and frolicking! Although she has a blog on My Space , I've been telling her that it can't possibly as rewarding as this. Well, finally her blog is up and running and I am eager for everyone to tune and share the laughs, antics and great stories that are the story of her life! And just so that I don't miss a post, she is listed on the S.T.U.F.F. that Inspires me...
You'll {heart} them ...guaranteed!!!

The Beautiful Ariella

April-{where Ariella gets her beauty}

Scott & April...made in Heaven

{Vintage } Monday ...

While 'Web Strolling' I came across this site that has great posters for purchase. What a great thing! While perusing the stacks, I came across this super collection of vintage 'pin-up' girl posters. If my memory serves my correctly, the whole concept of 'pin-up girls' came about as a form of entertainment for the American troops. I find it fascinating how amazingly attractive {read- well proportioned} and happy these lovelies appear. So much so, that I think that I will start my week off with a picture of these smiling bathing beauties. One has to wonder how much work would get done, if all women came to work looking like this ;)

20 November 2008

{Iconic} Inspirations::

While {Blog Strolling} I found this truly amazing 'inspirational wall' designed by Alease Michelle. The thing that speaks to me the most is the extremely diverse and eclectric cast of inspirations that make up this motivation piece.

{photoOnMyDesk::special thanx}

19 November 2008

You don't understand... I don't cook

My most recent charge/challenge is to contribute homemade baked goods to the upcoming Women's Auxillary Bake Sale. Here's the thing...'I don't cook'! So, needless say, baking was a {great} challenge for me. But with much encouragement from loved ones I started on this confectionery trek. Now, I must confess that the dough is not home made- {that's my next challenge/goal}- but a 'fundraiser' purchase from a colleague. In true personal style, I set out optimistic and hopeful about producing "the world's greatest chocolate chip cookies"! The optimism spilled over into the exciting notion of producing custom labels for my new found project.
And so, without further ado... the pictures of the {bagged} finished product !

[Side note:: I was so excited about the simple but beautiful pink bags & the {da ta!} - custom labels, not to mention, my actual success at completing the task at hand, that I completely forget to take before/after pics of the process and the cookies!! ...{I said that I do not cook :D}].

17 November 2008

R-O-W-D-I-E !....

Recently I've noticed the increase in government sponsored media campaign to push "Fatherhood". Sometimes skeptical of the possible underlying intent of these "family friendly" ads; however, I am very pleased with this new batch whipped up by the geniuses in the advertising industry. Here's to 'FATHERHOOD' !

14 November 2008


Just got wind of this new, *SEXY* drink. Ironically, I am hosting an 'All Pink' event tomorrow evening, so I am bustling & hustling to make sure that the fountain runs plenty of this Pink Pleasure... {TAXI !!!}

{Inspirations}... So {Pretty} ::

One of my many favorite 'e-things' to do is... blog stroll. I am always pleasingly surprised by the many {beautiful} pictorial that I stumble upon. One of my favorite stumbles, is the {Inspiration} boards that I find along the way--especially on the Bridal sites. Below are just a few...

{photo via AFewPearlsToShare::special thanx}

13 November 2008

The {Lens} of a great photographer ::

In my second life, I would {heart} to be a talented photographer. I've always admired their natural ability to capture the essence of their subjects.
OH! But to be a photographer {a-h-h-h}...

{photos via Gemmacommas::special thanx}

07 November 2008

{At the Movies}

Looking forward to spending this afternoon enjoying this movie. Back for more mis-adventure are Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the Hippo, King Julien and Maurice & the Penguins. Played by Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer and Jada Pinkett-Smith, this motley group from the animal kingdom encounter - for the first time - zoo creatures of their own kind, while exploring the plains of Africa! Their hilarious antics lead them to discover, not only the wonders of this vast and wonderful land, but the difference between the African Jungle & The Concrete Jungle.
If this sequel is anything like its predecessor, I'll be out of my seat dancing and laughing!

05 November 2008

"Yes We Can"

I am honoured to be able to have as my first post, pictures of a new and historical time in this country. It is with the same sense of hope, vision and belief that I start this blog. I look forward to sharing my musings, insight and ideas with you. And having you share yours with me....

Thank You Mr. Moonie !!

More of 'Life's List'...

* Read one new book a month
* Drink a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby
* Take a photography for beginners course
* Volunteer at the Summer Olympic Games
* See Napa from a hot-air balloon
* Get a personal chef
* Give myself a non-surprise Birthday Party!
* Learn to tango... in Buenos Aires
* Paraglide
* Cruise the Pacific Coast Highway...in a convertible
* See the NFL draft...live
* Have the perfect handbag for every occasion
* Prepare the perfect eggplant parmagiana...{again}
* Play the Old Course at St. Andrews
* Take my ultimate adventure vacation
* Kiss the Blarney Stone
* Get a spa treatment that requires a team
* Do Fashion Week
* Take a steamboat cruise down the Mississippi
* Tour MoMa with a personal guide
* Golf with monogrammed balls
* See the department store windows at Manhatten...at Christmas time
* Do the Grand Tour
* Watch the Indy 500 from the infield
* See a movie premiere
* Take a coaster ride at the Mall of America
* Attend a major film festival
* Learn how to quill
**Do everything on my 'Life's List of Things To Do' ...eventually