28 January 2010

No Eating in Bed

Have you, like me, been told never to eat in bed? This cute set of whimsical pillow cases definitely challenges that mantra.  The fun 'grown up' colours set against the crisp freshness of white cotton is beckoning me to defy the life-long warning. 
Ummmm...maybe just one bite

22 January 2010

I'm Attracted...

Went on my usual {blog} stroll this morning.  Found this quaint vintage refrigerator magnet while perusing the shoppe.   It's a nice little 'throw back' to when times were not so serious. You know, Hot Wheel cars, Paper Dolls & Jacks. 

21 January 2010

15 January 2010

Chandelier Magic

{photo via here::special thanx}

I want this office! Don't you think that there is something magical about chandeliers?  Especially when the backdrop is a clean palette.  And the door trim...just enough to pleasantly distracting.

Oh yes! I'm gushing about what is overhead.  Can't get enough of that shade of grey accented by the glow of the stars...heavenly

I do wonder, though - 'wouldn't that desk be great if it were a clear lucite little number with one of those 'must have' ghost chairs... ala Philippe Starck'?

14 January 2010

I Do Like Vintage...

{pic via here::special thanx}

Oh but I do {luv} everything vintage! 
The nostalgic ambience makes me all warm... inside. 
The style makes me empowered...inside. 
The attitude makes me feel classy...all over!

I {luv} my warm, empowered, classy attitude...everywhere!

13 January 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

{photo via here::special thanx}

Wordless Wednesday...


Wordless Wednesday...


{photo via here::special thanx}

Posing On the Double C's

Adorned in the luxe accessories that are classic Chanel and Lagerfeld - and jazzed up with a personal touch of netted stockings, garter belts and pasties- burlesque performer, Miss Dirty Martini, wowwed the camera while posing in the extragantly lush home of the legendary Coco Rue Cambon.  Alongside her in the shoot is Jane Schmitt, a Coco Chanel look-alike, who has appeared in a Karl Lagerfeld short film.   The invitation from V Magazine to pose for the highly anticipated 'size issue', has Karl Lagerfeld back peddling on his (reported) position about 'plus size' models. On our way to stomping out the self-loathing? or is this just another trend? {pic via here::special thanx}

10 January 2010

When My Deck Chairs Grows Up...

{pic via here::special thanx}

In the dead of all of the {{{frigid}}} weather, I stumbled upon this pic.  Picture this...a cold, flavorful mojita coupled with a plate of  steamed lobster tails on a bed of Chesapeake Bay blue crab {lump meat only} and a side salad of fresh spring mix.  .... I digress.
I'm in {luv}. 

Shadow Shot Sunday

# 86


07 January 2010

...I Wish

{pic via here::special thanx}

New Year.  New Wishes.  I found this great picture and thought, 'wouldn't this be a great mantra to live this year by'?  Ohhh, but to be six years old again.  Still young enough to enjoy the journey, adore your parents and be fascinated with the thought of picking flowers.

This is my wish.  What wish(es) do you have for this year?