31 October 2010

Loosing Control

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stiletto, six inch heel and a skull

Mummy...I'm all Pink

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Yum! Yum! 

These apples are almost too good to eat.  They definitely are reminiscent of a more carefree time.  The branch as stick is an inviting new take on the ordinary flat wooden stick.  Soooo nostalgic.  ...and whoever thought that black candied apples would so titillating?

30 October 2010

Or Maybe...

Okay.  Now it's really getting challenging! 

What do you luv-lies think about a 'cupcake Marie Antoinette'

choices, choices, choices

I Need a Costume

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Alice as the Mad Hatter is a great take on the traditional Alice story.  And this Alice-deliciousness is just the answer to my short-lived dilemna.

The one-eye hidden is ohhhh sooo seductive....{did I say that?}

29 October 2010

Friday Fill-In..."All Hallo's Eve"

 # 197

1. While the cat's away the litter box stays fresh.

2. Two tickets to a Broadway Show? fabuloso!

3. Children. Complete this sentence at your own risk.

4. That's going to have to wait until I get home from work or shopping or what have you.

5. This may seem odd, but I am thinking {seriously} of cutting off all of my hair.
6. We're going to limit Christmans gifts to the immediate family? That seems like a fine idea to me!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finding a great old fashion donut shoppe, tomorrow my plans include taking tons of pics from the local Halloween Parades and Sunday, I want to give away all of this d*mned candy before I eat it all !

 So, this is where I go on Fridays.  It's loads of  fun and {often times} challenging...and...I really look forward to sharing and reading other 'Fill-Ins'

....It also gives me a reason to write in pink...luv it!

Enjoy You're Weekend.

28 October 2010

Thursday Thirteen..... 13 Weird Things found in Airport Security {+ 2 more}

Week  #93...
Weird Things Found in Airport Security

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Okay. This thirteen is not my list.  However, this is soooo very funny that I have to share. 

So here it is, my {using this term loosely here} + two.


Enjoy more Thursday Thirteen

26 October 2010

... Boots, Jacket..and a cup of beer

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{via here::special thanx}

Studs.  Luv them or not, they always pack a bunch. 

Oh.  My vote?

LUV  them!

What's your vote?

25 October 2010

...Got Nerves?

Strolling around Etsy and found these beauties.  The blog is pretty neat too. 

Had to share.

24 October 2010

Window Shopping. Only.

I spent a little time out of the house on this unexpectedly beautiful 74 degree autumnal day.  Can you say, 'pleasantly surprised that the cool windy breeze of the last few days were gone'...at least for the day being.

So where do I head off to?  Why, the mall.  Of course!  Warm weather. Sunday afternoon. Sounds like a mall outing to me.   Several stops during my stroll. thought that I'd share my finding with you. 

Here it goes!...

First stop.  A vendor who was perched just inside the foyer of the mall entrance.  I like just about everything retro.  So when I discovered this old fashioned milk crate filled with 'throwback' treasures circa 40's and 50's, I was giddy with excitement!  Reminding myself that this was a 'window shopping' expedition.  Only. It was beyond difficulty to restrain myself from giving and making a small purchase.  How can I pass up the vintage cola poster and the 'ohh sooo' sassy pin-up babe with the killer mantra?  Convincing myself that the pinup poster will work fabulously in my office, I promised to return on a later date to make the purchase.  {Fingers crossed that it doesn't get sold before I get back.  Is is considered a purchase if I give the vendor some money to hold it? Hmmmm}.  For now, I'll refrain and walk away {sad face}.

Onward and Onward!  Waylayed by the 'foyer vendor', I could now move on to the more important 'window shopping'.

I must confess that all of my mall hopping excursions usually begins with a stop at the shoe stores.  Can I tell you that I swooned for more than thirty minutes when I spotted these whimsical beauties?  What's not to luv? Right?  But I had to remind myself {in gentle but persuasive conversation} that today was,  unlike other shoe spotting outings, meant to be  a day of 'window shopping'.  Only.  So I walked reluctantly away pouty but proud that I had stuck to guns and kept to my plan to window shop.  Only.

Onward! & Onward! ...again...

I knew that I had to get farrrrrrr away from the retailers who were more than willing to indulge me with their 'foot candy', despite my resolution to 'window shop'.  Only.  So I headed in a different direction.  Toward the first novelty shop that I could find.  I should be able to stay out of trouble there.  Right?  Entering with a renewed sense of committment and a belief that I was safe in this environment, I wandered eagerly into this inviting space.  I was doing just great until I hit the back of the store - where all of the past season's {read summer} unsold items were available...ON SALE!  And what did my wandering eyes did appear?  These 'cuties'.  How can I resist these 'beyond luv-ly' leather kid-friendly backpacks.  They would make great a great holiday gift for my grands.  And with a price tag that read 'reduced' - how could I go wrong? Right?
"You're window shopping.  Only." {the voice in my head}.  These I definitely have to come back to get!

~ ~ ~

There were many more stops, sans a purchase.  Interrrupted by a quick trip to coffee shop to fuel up for

more 'window shopping.  Only.'   Luv my Venti Mocha Frappacino ala Starbucks!  Followed by more shopping and a rewarding visit to the bookstore...

it has this nostalgic little nook that I realllly really like hanging out in.  The cloth-bound books transports me back to my elementary school days when I could not wait to visit  the school library to check out its treasures....{the memories}  

Fast forward, four hours...my has that much time gone by.  {and not one retail purchase}
Now, I must say that, as challenging as it has been, I have been a very good girl.  I have complied with my resolve to window shop.  Only. 
 After four hours, of window shopping. Only.- I would say that it is absolutely time for dinner!  And, although the convenience of eating at the food court is quite enticing, this outing needs to be topped off with a delicious, flavorfully filled, palette-pleasing meal {Fuji Apple Chicken Salad with Broccoli Chedder Soup...add the french baguette} from one of my favorite places to eat {when I am solo}... Panera's Bread.  Chow!

What did you do today?  I'd luv to read about your day.  

23 October 2010

'O' - ing Around

How cool is this?  While strolling around the internet this afternoon, I wondered onto Oprah's {yes, that would be the Oprah Winfrey} site, joined {had not planned on doing this either} and proceded to wonder around.  And...

Ooops ~ I stumbled onto an area where you can make your very own, personalized, customized, amazing {did I say, 'amazing?'}  'Dream Board' .  Without hesistation, I tackled this task with the eagerness and excitement of a young child released, for the first time, in the worlds greatest candystore.

It didn't take long to create my first board - above.  The process is quite simple {what with all of the practice that blogging has given me}.  Type in a title, select a theme, upload your pictures, rearrange, safe and 'voile' - you're done.  There's even a button that let's you 'share' your creation with those in your Twitter and  Facebook worlds.  Not a bad place to spend a little time.

So, how did I do?  Not bad for the first time, huh?  Hop right over, join {if you already have not.  I think that I can say that I am probably one of very few people who had not joined} and start creating...

Please come back and share...

21 October 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Week #92

Thirteen {this Thursday} foods that I'd rather be eating instead of the salad that I am eating now::

#1  Luv & Chocolate...oh yes.  and bananas...

 #2  Always good...even when the temperature outside is 50 degrees

#3  Luv & Syrup

#4  Who needs bread when you can sandwhich between bacon & cheese?....not I! 

#5  Can't get enough of those fluffy flapjacks!

#6  Ahhhhh....the appetizers of the Gods...

#7  Noodles & Shrimp.... definitely not 'chicken of the sea'

#8  Choco-gasm...need I say more?

#9  ...great. Even without the pretzels

#10  mmmmmm.  My mouth waters over this dish.

#11  Curly Fries and melted cheese.  Reminds of the college days

#12  Okay. Okay.  This revivals the salad.  Nothing wrong with variety.

~  drum roll.  please. ~

#13  Fresh fruit on Ice....that counts for my fruit points...

.... here are my thirteen this Thursday.

I'd luv to read your thirteen...