31 August 2010


{via}::special thanx

sometimes I sleep with the light on.  So that I can see the stars.

20 August 2010

05 August 2010

The Shoe is the Thing

{via}::special thanx

these luv-vah-ly shoes reminds me of dominoes.
they are just the right lusciousness for the d*liteful dresses

01 August 2010

Where Bikes Go to Play

This summer's inferno-like days calls for activities that generate wind...and a lot of it. 
Cycling seems to fit the ticket.  I've been thinking, seriously, about purchasing my first bike {as an adult}.  Not really certain what style.  It seemed so simple when I was a little girl.  You know, "I want the pretty pink one with the pretty the handle-bars that curl under...." 

Now, my choices are many.  All-terrain, roadster, racing.... the list goes on and on.  I'll keep you posted on my progress {or just table the whole idea and find cover in an air conditioned movie theater for the rest of the summer}. 

Besides, judging from the above picture, these guys & gals will not be 'catching air' anytime soon.  Can you imagine trying to organize this mayhem?