21 December 2010


I really like unique time pieces. This is unusual, engaging and intriguing.  It reminds me of the old bells that were located over the door of my elementary school.  Every thirty minutes it would sound, alerting us to pack our books and quietly walk to the next classroom. 
 I wonder how accurately it keeps time...

I'm debating if I want to give this up for a Kindle, Nook, IPad...

20 December 2010

Welcome back My Friend

This is the dude who bought this lion as a cub in the 60’s and then when it got too big he let it into the wild. 10 years later it was like the alpha male in a nature reserve in africa and was really violent.
The guy went to see it and it walked up to him and gave him a hug.
♥  Sweetest thing ever
thank you mr photographer

Happy Monday....

my mornings look like this
...is riding public transportation any better?

I'm a Goddess!...Woot! Woot!

The Goddess Award

Yep! Yep!

Yes. That would be me!

I've been awarded 'The Goddess Award' by The Everyday Goddess! This very dynamic writer of all things fictional & nonfictional bestows this gift of gratitude, weekly. 

In her own words, " I follow a lot of blogs, and often I come across posts that I feel deserve to be read by as many people as possible".

...what a fantastic way to celebrate the holiday!  I would like nothing better than to be read by loads of people!  *wink* *wink*

To what do I post do I owe this blog badge of honor?!  My whimsical baby sitters!

Do you want to take a peep at some of the 'fabulous-ness' that The Everyday Goddess whips up?

Out there navigating the holiday parking lots? The Everyday Goddess spells out a few rules when vying for a parking space on your quest for parking.  They need to be signed into law...

Skip right over and see what The Goddess has in store.
...who knows?
You may be the next Goddess Award winner...

(((Woot! Woot! and a Thumbs Up!)))

17 December 2010

Friday Fill-In

1. What in the world gave these Hitmen this incredible idea!

2. There's no mistaking that those children are well fed.

3. Go ahead and make the reservations for the New Years Eve soiree.

4. All of my last minute holiday shopping will be sent via overnight shipping .

5. I keep forgetting we're not in love anymore....{feeling a little like Mike McDonald}.

6. I'm going wait this traffic jam out, whether I like it or not.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging out with my 'Sistah Friends', tomorrow my plans include a fun-filled morning with the Grands followed by a long, lazy unproductive evening and Sunday, I want to finish this dang book that is taking me far too long to read {no fault of the book}!

Here's my fill-ins. 
This fill-in is a little something that I like to share with my friends in Bloggyland!

How would you 'fill-in' the blanks?  Give it a try....and.....don't forget to share!

In a Magical World...

{via::special thanx}
Dance like there's no tomorrow.....

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Smile like you own the world.
with. Swagger. Mos Def.

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lashes from heaven.  wings from heaven. 
hell.  beauty from heaven

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i would like to live in her magical world