27 February 2009

Friday Fill-In...


And...here we go!

1. I'm a daughter, I'm a mother, I am blessed.

2. Why do I have all of these great business ideas and not enough time to attend to them?

3. How does this thing-a-ma-jig work, anyway?

4. Every morning, I put my favorite tunes on my radio.

5. I consider myself lucky because I am understood by those who love me.

6. One day we’ll see that living life on life's terms is so much more simpler.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to rapping up some business meetings, tomorrow my plans include spending a relaxing Saturday being pampered and Sunday, I want to reflect on my great weekend & preparing for next week's business endeavors !

...That's all for now!

* As always, my answers are in red.

How would you answers this Friday Fill-in?

It's Here...!

Rachel over at :

well is on :
TOday!! Check Your Local Listing !! {read more, and even more here}

26 February 2009


Who are you Dane Carlson, to say that my blog has no monetary value!!
Here I am on my merry way
blog strolling , when I tripped {and almost fell...I'm too old to fall gracefully} up on your link . It promised to automatically calculate the value of my blog and assign it a monetary number. I thought, 'wouldn't it be fun to find out how much my musings are worth in the blogosphere?' My modest estimation was somewhere in the neighborhood of all of about $5.00 or $6.00...right? That's pretty modest?
So with great enthusiasm and beited breath, I entered my blog address into your 'calculator wizard' - because this was all the only requirement that you had asked for... and within a blink of an eye, there before me - your estimated dollar value of MY
{S.T.U.F.F.} !
A BIG FAT ZERO!! My blog, according to you, Dane Carlson, had a monetary value of $0.0!
Well, I am certain that I have been offended for greater than this, but, right now I just can't say when. You mean to tell me, that all of the heart, sweat and joy that I pour into this site is valueless! I think not
Mr Dane Carlson! Surely you must be mistaken. Let me try this again. Your numbers have to be..........

**{I now am experiencing a gentle tug on my shoulder as an arrow straight finger points to a very important word that I have obviously overlooked}... **

Me: " ... are you sure"
Arrow Finger: "Read it for yourself"
Me: "...how did I overlook that...?"
Arrow Finger: "I don't know...but are you sure that you want to continue on this tirade?"
Me: "... well, not if this is the case..."

You see, what I obviously overlooked was the very import word that described the type of blogs that Mr Dane Carlson's monetary blog assigner calculated values for...."BUSINESS" Blogs!

Me: "...that certainly does not apply to me" - *wiping my brow and letting out a sigh of relief*
Arrow Finger: "Yeah" - *with a look a apologetic anticipation*
Me: * in my best Erkle imitation* - ".....never mind!"

24 February 2009

Tuesday To-Don't ::

Don't be afraid of {Self-Affirmations}::

Despite their many insecurities, we can take one lesson from the adolescent population... their seemingly endless confidence and self-promotion. Yeah, yeah, many years ago, I too, raised an adolescent who required a daily stream of support and praises when within the walls of our humble abode. But I will testify,LOUDLY, to the enviable public display of shameless self-affirmations, declarations of self approval and confirmations of self-truth and validity that have transformed an ambitious adolescent into a {LUV}-ly woman.

So, taking our lead from these fearless, innovative members of our society, here are a few ways to {luv}-ingly pat yourself on the back:

Find yourself a mirror and say to your reflection*::

~~ "Good golly, I'm a hot tamale!"

~~ "Oh yeah honey, I AM the money!"

~~ "I declare, I {luv} my hair!"

~~ "Your so 'purty', let's get flirty!"

~~ "It's hip and funky, looking this damned chunky!"

~~ "It's super heavy duty, being such a beauty!"

~~ "It's no paradox, that I'm such a fox!"

~~ "Strike a pose, because I adore this nose!"

~~ "I told my Mom, that we're the bomb!"

~~ "With eyes like mine, who needs fine wine"

~~ "Don't me to be so crass, but, I {luv} this a**!"

~~ "Like hot home cooking - I'm that good looking!"

**{special thanx for this 'Bad Girl' installment}

Don't You Dare call them Doughnuts!...

They may look like doughnuts, but call them donuts and the residents of Pennsylvania's Dutch Country, will send you quickly packing back across the Appalachian Mountains!
Well, if they're not donuts, then what?
Can you say 'Fastnacht'?...yes, Fastnacht! {phonetic hint:Foz' nots}. From the German word meaning "Fast Night", this Central Pennsylvania pastry delight marks the eve of Lent.
BellaOnline Home cooking editor, Sandy Moyer, describes it this way.
So, now that you are well-versed about this sinfully fattening bake good...

23 February 2009

Vintage Monday...I promise that you will not have to live through this with me...

It's been about six weeks since 'the resolution'. And I promise that , after this post, I will not subject you to, yet another, torturous trek toward that much sought after figure of yesteryear! {where's that fountain?!}. Oh yes, since the beginning, like most of us hopefuls, I was beyond committed. Now, I must admit, there have been those times that I'd rather be somewhere more sexier than my work-out room. And sure, the thought of sipping a smooth Green Apple Martini conjured up visions that totally outweighed the thought of a sipping a Green Apple Smoothie ...I've risen to the challenge!
I won't bore you with numbers {because there are just number and unless, they are tied to either a very large sum of money and/or a winning lottery ticket, no one is going to oh-h-h and ah-h-h about it}. I will say that I am at least smiling about this number and unless there is some landslide event involving this number {or less of it!}, let's just say that, this is it for 'the resolution'.

Workout Haven?

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Becoming a {10} ::

Another early morning, another early morning workout! This is weigh in day. Yes, six weeks into the new year and if I can use this workout to pull off extra fluid {well, the boxers do it ;-o } before stepping up on that ol' scale...I'm desparate!

Thought that you'd like a glance into my workout haven, where I am ever so slowly becoming a '10'

22 February 2009

Shutter, Click + Chat

Something !HOT!

This is....CALIENTE'!!! If this very candid & unabashed display of affection/lusting/wanting/loving/ needing/longing/having...{okay if someone does not stop me, the list of adjectives will go on - ad nausea!} doesn't get the romantic juices riled up - you have to be dead!

In my quest for the perfect pic for today's Shutter Click & Chat, my first thoughts were of food/liquids {think- hot latte, hot peppers, hot tea} but I thought- "nice but okay". Then my mind went to to the weather {you see, it's cold as h*ll in this neck of the world! Let's just say that I'm ready for Spring} and quite naturally I scoured through pix of long, lazy days spent on some of the most hot & beautiful islands, or great pix of backyard shots of friends 'letting it all hang out' during the not long enough, sweaty, hot summer days.

But, I must confess, again, I am a hopeless romantic at heart. {*enter, stage left, 'My Sexy Man'} an all it took was a sexy wink, a come hither smile, and all of the trappings of a memorable night...

...and VOILA!...today's theme pic...something HOT! CALIENTE!

Shadow Shot Sunday::

{...why?...because it's 'Shadow Shot' not 'Reflection Shot'!}

I awoke this A.M., from an otherwise peaceful slumber, to a 'bolt-straight' sitting position. No, I was not sweating prefusely, but my heart was racing like a championship mare on race day. "What in the world could cause such a stir in my serene world of slumber?", you might ask.
It's today's Shadow Shot image! ...
the first one. What went resonating through my mind's ears was "that's not a SHADOW! It's a reflection!" The difference may seem subtle to the semantically indifferent, but different none the same. So, without further ado & meticulous attention to the semantical differences...Here is today's SHADOW Shot Sunday::

P.S.:: {...now I'm going back to that peaceful slumber....Good night...*sigh}

P.S.S.:: Oh yeah, I must have lost my mind there for a minute...I'm back :-o

Shadow Shot Sunday...

Photographer, Zen, shot this image while on a business trip in Boston. On the outside looking in- at the Institute of Contemporary Art. For $14 they will let you look at their art until your heart's content. But will have your head on a platter should you choose to break one of the cardinal rules: No Photographs! So what does that do to all of the photographers out there?...

20 February 2009

Enroute to......Today

{photo via Marlowski::special thanx}

Here's a couple places that I've been...enroute to today::

... Make my commute a colourful one!

... Just when I thought that I saw every post-it use...

... Must see! theatre {if it happens to come to your neighborhood}

... Trying to drink more H2O and this will definitely help.

... Another one of my favorite shelter mags in closing...{I'm weeping}

... You've gotta to be kidding me! This is why you have to careful about what you put into your mouth

... Hairstyle woes? Get Behind the Chair advice & check out this new on-line hair mag

... Vintage pieces are always classic ... what would you do with 100 wishes?

... More examples of the past administration, but 40-60% off is not bad

... Not one but two V.I.B.'S {very important birthdays}... My beautiful Daughter and {her beautiful daughter}, my granddaughter, Beautiful. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Friday Fill-In...

And...here we go! *{...get in on the action here.}

1. Give me
a few extra bucks and I'll buy a fan'tabulous' shoe.

2. Whenever
I have free time, you can find me in a bookstore {for hours}.

3. I wish I knew tomorrow's PowerBall number.

4. Chocolate licorice was the last thing I ate that was utterly delicious.

5. To live in this world you've got have a great sense of humor.

6. Other than this one,
'On the Limb with Claudia' is the last blog I commented on.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to having a 'me' moment {for about three hours}, tomorrow my plans include having lunch with a great {read - special} friend and Sunday, I want to chill -out!

19 February 2009

I'll take mine in small bills...

Signed, sealed, delivered.
Done, finished, that's it!

If we can't say any else about the $787 billion economic stimulus bill that was signed into law yesterday, we can definitely say that. We know what we've been told about where the money is going, but let's just ponder what else can be purchased with $787 billion dollars. Let's see,

...Or/and, the funds will be allocated as per President Obama's agenda with about $281 billion of the stimulus to go to new tax cuts and the remainder being spent on infrastructure investments, expanded unemployment benefits, and other programs.
What do you think? Read through the possibilities and vote for spending package that you would sign off on.

{Thursday} the Thirteenth


I am really falling for some of these great memes out here in the blogosphere! My latest fascination...Thursday the Thirteenth. The task at hand... construct a list of thirteen items that fit one common theme and post them on Thursday. Now, the original owner of this introspective meme is stationed some place in England, so the posts on that site often posts a couple of hours before my Thursdays {I'm located in the U.S.}.

Part of the fun of it all is that the list possibilities are limitless, not to mention that they offer a small glimpse into one's inner self {...not trying to play pseudo-psychiatrist here, but, don't we all have some elements of a voyeur appetite?!}.

Well, here is my first post for Thursday the Thirteenth...munch on!


My Thursday Thirteen Post is:: " 13 Things That I am Guilty of::

* sleeping in late on Saturday

* {shameless} procrastination

* being a hopeless romantic {*sigh}

* being at my best when I'm a student

* daydreaming...when I should be working

* being a speed junkie {read...I luv fast cars!}

* smoozing my way out of traffic tickets

* being a gadget {luv}er

* eating the 'wrong' types of foods {cookies over a balanced meal}

* wishing that all of my Sundays were filled with sunshine, lemonade, porch gliders, butterflies and baseball by radio

* having a collection of Cabbage Patch dolls

* not returning calls...promptly :-o

* quietly mellowing with age

Want in on the action? Here's the lowdown...come on and play!

17 February 2009

Me + My Shadow

My Shadow Shot is hot !!... {that's me...third row,middle :-D}

The Shooters:
Aimer 2. Lisa'sRetroStyle 3.SweetRepose 4. HighDesertDiva 5. RavensViews 6. Paz'sNewYorkMinute 7. Gingerbread 8. {S.T.U.F.F.} 9. WorkOfThePoet

Over at Hey Harriet, my 'shadow shot' entry is a collage feature. I'm beaming! If you enjoy a little visual foreplay {in the form of pix & shadows} you must visit the site and take a 'blog stroll' to the 'spots' of the many talented photogs. I gave you a head start, you can start, above, with the great company that I keep! ENJOY!!

To Don't Tuesdays....

* {VERY} Late Entry...
{where can a gal get good tech support when she needs it?!}. So without further ado...

Don't be afraid to learn a new language...business language - that is. Pick up on the real meaning behind business buzzwords to get ahead {or to stay afloat}

The Buzzwords..............The Buzz

I'd like to build on your point....................I disagree, but you're the boss

We're launching another major initiative...Your life, for the next six months = nightmare

We need to think outside of the box........We're desperate

This is mission critical!..........................Your ass is on the line!

Due diligence!......................................I have a MBA!

CC me on everything..............................I don't trust you for a second

We have to change strategy.....................We don't have a damned clue

These are just a few buzzwords to get you started and keep you in the communication loop. So at least, if you don't know exactly what you're suppose to be doing, you'll know what they're saying about it!!!

16 February 2009

15 February 2009