12 January 2009

{Vintage} Monday...

So it's not Veteran's Day...but here's to the boys!! This hottie is a total babe afixed this cannon in her body skimming tee, wide legged {cotton} pants + white stilettoes. I'm totally {hearting} this outfit.

...now shall we talk about the not so covert sublimal seduction that's going on? Can this get any more phallic? Or should we breathe a sigh of support to the times when life was more carefree?...well, I'm just saying......I still like the fashion :D


Jenny said...

I love all your vintage pics! Very fun!

{S.T.U.F.F.} said...

Hey Jenny S.

Aren't these babe hot!
Gotta {LUV}'em :D

Thanx for stopping by:D