05 January 2009

{Vintage} Monday

That season is upon as, again, to honor that {timeless = elusive} first resolution line-item...lose those unwanted pounds!! For those who have adopted good nutrition & fitness as a lifestyle and not a 'season' {albeit very short}, this is the most trying time of the year. Health facilities that otherwise host the familiar group of gym go-oers now gear up for the overcrowded aerobic classes of neophytes who unknowingly vie for the coveted 'spot'. The aquatic areas are bedecked with apprehensive, body conscious swimmers cautiously immersing themselves in cooler than expected waters, while hanging on to that tightly wrapped cover up---until the last minute. Weight room areas are packed with 'wanna-be' muscle heads clamouring for iron in hopes of whipping their loose and neglected physiques into Schwarzenegger shape. Constant is the grinding sound of cardio equipment squealing to keep up with the demands of use, that, even their 'for commercial-use' warranty does not cover.
But rest assured, that in approximately forty-five days {this is usually the time of confinement when those hopeful resolution makers throw in the towel, declaring the mission 'impossible'} all of this annual frustrating and slightly comedic activity will subside and return these health facilities back over to the 'regulars' who are the {low fat} 'bread & butter' of fitness. Until then, shimmy on!!


Anonymous said...

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

I'll spend the next 45 days waiting in the steamroom until the hoopla dies down:D

P.S. Your Blog ROCKS!!!

Jenny said...

Hi! I have that pic as my avitar!! I love all those vintage girly pics!!

{S.T.U.F.F.} said...

Hi Jenny S,

Aren't those vintage 'hotties' delicously sinful:D

Thanx for the blog {luv}...